Hello YouTube! I'm about to go on a date with Wah, and before I leave, I just thought I'd give you guys a few date night tips, whether it's with your boyfriend or your soon-to-be man By the way, you guys, I have a giveaway for you guys at the end of the video so make sure you stay to the end so you don't miss out on the giveaway

Tip #1 There is a time when your lip gloss can be poppin' but on your date is just not the time If he's about to lean in for a kiss, and you're all juicy and everythingYou don't want that

I suggest something like a lip balm that way it gives you a little color and moisturizes your lips but it's not too much Or something like a lip stain so it won't transfer Tip #2 While you're on your date, you would hope that he's focusing on your eyes, right? So with your eyes, you want to make sure you have some lashes going on If you don't like false eyelashes, you could even put on mascara As long as when you're like blinking or winking, there's something going on

With me, I like to stick with something a little more natural, like for example, I don't like to go with somethinglet me show you This one for example, I do love

But it's a little thick You don't want it to be fanning around It shouldn't look like an umbrella This one's a little too thick What I mean by "fan" is like this is very dark; the hairs' are very thick

There is definitely a time and a place for this, like a girls night out or if you're going to the clubby yourself Something like this would be perfect

Very thin, very sparse Go for the natural Tip #3 The key to smelling good is less is more So don't think that you should spray yourself down with your perfume Fragrance travels up so actually if you don't want it around here, you can actually put it on the back of your knees

If you don't want it to come off too strong, you can actually put it on your pulse points like behind your ears So that way when the wind blows, he can smell how beautiful you smell Tip #4 Let's talk face now because this is like the canvas to everything Dewy is one thing, but shiny is another I feel like a lot of girls think when they're oily they have to blot it down with powder

That actually cakes it on, and throughout the night, you're actually going to look more and more cakey Something you can do is take an oil blotting sheet and just blot the oil off your face That way you can just completely take it away and you're not just covering it up with more powder This is kind of gross but I actually really like seeing all the oil that comes off my face I know it's gross but it amazes me how nasty my face really is and I can just take it all off with this little piece of paper

Tip #5 So I know this is not makeup related, but this is just a personal tip that I've researched when I had my first kiss in high school By having a mint, your breath actually stays fresher versus if you have gum because your saliva just mixes in with the gum and you're just chewing that same piece of gum for like, over an hour It just ends up stinking more So I like to pop a mint in my mouth So that's it for my tips for you guys

And the last thing I want to say, no matter what and whoever you're going on this date with, I know you're probably like overthinking it and stuff But really just enjoy your time Have fun Feel hot So onto the giveaway! Since you guys made it this far, I'm sure you guys are going to be so excited for the prizes you're going to get

There will be three lucky winners that will be winning this eye look right here that I used in this "Date Night" video All you have to do is subscribe to this channel, I love makeup And leave a comment below about what your dream date would be And watch my next video here on I love makeup, and the winners will be announced there My makeup is done

My eyebrows are did And my hair is done I'm just ready to go on my date Speaking of date, where is my date? Babe? Babe, I'm ready! Bye guys! I'm Claire Marshall, and I'm doing makeovers in a car and you could be part of it This is taking me to wedge of glory

Did Marc give you a wedgie?

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Dating Conversations



Dating Conversations

Dating Conversations