Dating Tips for Men : First Date Conversations

Hi, my name is Jessica Claire and I'm a professional dating coach here in New York City for New York Dating Coach In this clip we're going to discuss how to keep a conversation going on a first date

On a first date, you have a thousand things to talk about so it shouldn't be hard to have a really easy constant conversation going The best way to do this is to be asking questions So if you ask a question and she answers, then follow that up with a response to her answer Communication should go into these levels Question, response and then a follow up question to that response

So if you say where you born and raised and she says I was born and raised in San Fransisco, and she might tell you a little bit about how she feels about that, women have a tendency to talk about how they feel about things, you say oh, its interesting, I feel similarly about where I grew up which was here and then the conversation can move from there She will probably respond to that Every time it sort of starts to get quiet or uncomfortable, the best way to handle that is by asking a new question relating to the topic beforehand This has been Jessica Claire with New York Dating Coach

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Dating Conversations



Dating Conversations

Dating Conversations