A Date Line – A Valentine’s Day Special

C: Haisss February 14

Valentine's Day C: The only day when you can get away with PDA C: If not, then it's a day, when life smacks you right in the face to remind you that you're still single C: Instagram C: Spotify C: Even my favorite Black Panther movie C: Why am I even single? I got the good looks C: the hot bod C: and I'm pretty talented C: If anyone should be single, it should be him C: Look at him! So skinny! I can't believe he plays football He must get bullied all the time J: Wow, really? C: Huh? J: You know I can hear you loud and clear, right? C: Wha- How's he reading my thoughts? J: What are you pointing at? C: Uhhh, nothing nothing J: Bro please If you think you are so perfect Why don't you go get a girlfriend I dare you

C: Ok, fine! If I get a girlfriend, you have to run around the neighbourhood Naked C: Do we have a deal? J: Fine It's on! C: Ok, let's go J: Go where? C: To the rooftop J: For? C: When I first met you I realized there was a missing piece in my heart But after spending time with you, you filled that missing piece You were that missing puzzle that I needed I promise I will take care of you Will you Will you be my Valentine? J: Bro, are you serious? It's so hot We're on the rooftop and I'm freaking burning up man, come on hurry up Who even is this? C: Dude, it's Lisa from BlackPink J: I'm talking about a real girl, not someone you'll never get a chance to meet C: Fine, come on let's go J: Go where? C: Time to get real girls Tch That Jarryl Freaking ditched me

Never mind, I'll find a girl on my own Now Where are all the good-looking girls at? They like guys with good looks right? This should be easy Oh la la! That's a winner right there All right Be cool and be confident

Come on, you got this Hey WJ: Yes? C: Kiss me if I'm wrong but haven't we se- WJ: we seen each other before And no, I won't kiss you C: Uhm Did it hurt when you fell fr- WJ: from heaven? No, it didn't C: Think Cyril think What would she like to hear? Do you believe in love at first sight? Should I walk by again? WJ: Yes you should To the other way C: Girls have different taste

I can understand that There's nothing to be sad about Hmm, girls like manly guys right? Huh! Then this shouldn't be a problem With these big guns, girls will flock to me in no time Hmmm Oh there's one! Time to show my manliness Hey 101 102 You weak H: So, what you guys doing here? J: So this guy thinks he can get a girlfriend before Valentine's Day and we need your help because we're running out of ideas H: I think girls like guys who can sing C: Singing? Are you serious? Come on I got this! I've been singing when I was 6 Man, I was brought up in a pinoy household and everyday it was all just singing and singing *Prepare to cringe* Eh? Pretty good right? Right? H: My mother can sing better than you! J: I know right! Practicing since he was 6, so long he still cannot Oh my god Eh you want to get girls ah? Don't la! Even the guys don't want you! C: You think you can do better ah? Come

Take it take it! Sing ah! H: Jarryl just take I never hear you sing before J: The challenge is for him It's not for me C: Aiya! Don't shy shy la Come ah you think you better right come ah J: Are you sure you guys want me to do this? H: Sure, just go for it! *Prepare to be amazed* H: Jarryl is pretty good eh Eh Jarryl, can you teach me how to sing or not? J: Ya sure come let's go What do you want to learn? What are your favourite genre of songs? I can teach you chinese songs Jo: Hey! C: Joyce? Jo: Hey! What are you doing at this timing? C: Oh uh nothing

I'm just thinki- Jo: Move move move Let me sit So? Why are you looking so down? C: It's nothing serious but – You know it's just Valentine's Day is coming and surprise surprise I'm single Spend the whole day trying to impress girls and finding a girlfriend But well I had no luck yeah, and just a bit lonely Jo: You? Girlfriend? Aren't you gay? Aiya, just kidding la Valentine's day shouldn't just be about finding a girl It's about appreciating the people around you

Like for me, it's food! But okay la You're still young You can always have relationships in the future But I think for now you should focus on yourself and like Appreciating people around you like me C: Yeah, I think I think I'm rushing these kind of relationships too fast I think you're right Jo: Yeah, you got it Let's go home C: Wha- Eh wait! Wait for me Oh god, that was the most Awkward

Ending Ever Eh so, do you want to be my Valentine? Jo: Ew gross I already have one It's food

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