Dating in North America vs. Europe

Hello ! I am Marina, And today I'm going to make a video that I wanted to do for a long time And I was a little nervous about doing it, because I saw a lot of comments saying that other youtubers had made similar videos and they were a bit negative So what I'm going to do is compare the United States and Canada with Western Europe

The other thing I wanted to report it's that we're not just talking about the location, we're talking about the mindset So I know a lot of people who are Canadian or American have a European mentality So that does not mean that they have to live in Europe to think in a certain way Tell me what you think in the comments And let's go there! North America Vs Europe United States and Canada vs Western Europe There are generalizations and exaggerations used to show a point of view Sense of humor recommended Banalities and smile Europe You're leaving me? Okey

Alexandra? Oh Marina, hello Hello ! How is it going ? Not good at all North America You're leaving me? Okay Alexandra!? Marina !!! Hello !!! How are you !!!? It's been a long time we did not see! How are you ?!! Great ! I'm feeling very well You look beautiful Thanks you too ! I love your top Oh my god we are so well matched !! I love that !! The thing people notice when they go to the United States or Canada is how much people smile And usually they love because people are friendly And it's a really positive thing it does not always mean that these people want to be friends with you the culture is such that when you meet someone you do not know, you smile at them The customer service is excellent for this reason people smile a lot They make you feel welcome In Europe, people really need a reason to smile at you Although in countries like Spain, Italy, Greece, people are really nice They always smile for a reason They will not smile just to be polite And another thing is that I think people in the United States and Canada most often do not really say what they feel So someone can spend a horrible day and he can say, "It's a wonderful day" while in Europe I think people are more honest with their feelings Quantity of makeup North America Hi I'm Anna and today I'm going to show you my makeup routine for school and it's really simple I do not put a lot of makeup for school every day but I will not lie sometimes I do it and it's because sometimes I just want to wear it all over my face Europe And the other thing that I noticed a lot in the United States and Canada is that there is a lot of makeup When women go outside They REALLY come out As with curly hair, smooth hair, ???, contouring, false eyelashes And I think that in Europe women come out being more natural Here, even being natural means putting on makeup to look natural so they are a little more casual

Sex appeal North America It's hot Europe The Europeans we know we see it in the movies, the Europeans are more open they are looser with their sexuality There is sexuality everywhere It's really not a problem While in North America we put a lot more stress on that, on sexuality, on porn "porn-ex appeal" (word game) There is a bit more maturity in Europe about this Style for a "date" (date of love) North America You are very cool Do you mind if I take your number? Go ahead It's the ? 555

Europe Who thought you were so interested Do you want to go for a walk? Yeah I'm just warning my friends okey Every stage of the relationship In America is clearly defined, like sleeping together, making a date, seeing each other, talking to each other, being in an exclusive relationship We love to put labels on things, we love to put labels on the stage of the relationship In Europe I think that in general we just do as we go you like someone, you can give him an appointment, try and see where that leads and it's going to go in one direction or another become your girlfriend, your boyfriend or never to see each other again Again it depends on where you are in Europe In Scandinavia people do not make date it does not even exist in France the idea of ​​"date" is also different Most are just going to see where that leads Play mentality North America A guy sent me a message Do you know the three-day rule? Must talk to him again tomorrow there it's done I told you Europe Do you want to eat? Yeah let's go I'm really hungry This is a guy I met yesterday he is interested ? yes we did not really have a conversation he said he would take me out so Maybe next week Can not matter Let's go ? Breakfast ? In America we like to play, we like to turn around There is a little fear, to act desperately or too invested So we stay back, we give ourselves time and we do not bother too much In Europe it depends Europeans in general do not have this gambling mentality The Europeans tell me what you spend in the comments Tell me what games you have, where you are from I hope you liked the video I really wanted to do it And I know that I may be having negative comments Tell me what you think about it, and what you would like to see more about the channel

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Dating Conversations

Dating Conversations