Dollar Store Valentine’s Date (with Nate and Vin)

Nate, NothingNothing says I love you like what's in THIS box It's February 14th and today is Valentine's Day! Hey Everybody that is Vin and thats Nate and today is Valentine's Day So we wanted to treat our wives to a special Valentine's Day so as as me and Vin often dowe pulled out some Lincoln's We headed to the dollar store and we picked up some special date night supplies And he is going to reveal his date to me, I will reveal my date to him, make sure we you know, have good dates for our wives Make sure every didn't do anything stupid Nate

date me! So I have all the parts of a proper date I have atmosphere I have a meal

obviously and I have gifts okaySo excited! So let's start some atmosphere you always need a candle for atmosphere this one in particular is mermaid kisses Mermaid kissesby the Dollar Store

How does it smell? It's called "Coconut Seaside" Well that's not mermaid kisses Dude! That's coconut seaside It smells like somebody dumped coconut water at the docks, is what it smells like

It's romantic isn't it? Oh it's very romantic So, I wanted to startI'll start with one present

I will book end the meal with presents Now they always tell you to give jewelry or candy like chocolatesso I did both Oh! That is both jewelry and candy and I think Vinny will look great wearing it so So excited! You gotta wear those Be proper man and put those on my finger (wincing) Oh, Am I wearing all of them? Yeah! They are all different colors You look like the Willy Wonka Liberace Laughing "hahaha" So, let's get to our meal I got us a fine vintage

Mondo Squeezers, "Primo Punch" I got it because it was primo That's awesome

And I want this to be romantic (Pours the Primo Punch) See that looks really nice It does look really good Looks like a rosé

I dunno what do you call that? Yeah a rosé What am I suppose to do with these big old things That's sugary That's really bad, wow It's really chemically you know oh my god that's hummingbird feeder, that's what that is, red sugar water Well to go with that, this will help I got us a fine seafood feast

wonderful cup o noodles, a nice warm meal That's a shrimp shrimp So I mean I think this dates going well so far I feel love man I feel real loved, we're not even done yet oh wow We ain't even done yet

It's Boiling! My glasses are fogged upY mmm, you can really taste the water So this is super special present Vinny this was supposed to be, I don't have a picture of you That would be me and Vinny

I didn't really have a picture of him so i put his head on a stormtrooper Wonderful alright everybody that was Nate's date for $500 I think that Laura is gonna feel loved I think so, I should probably change the picture you got to change the picture for sure I'm actually kind of like still eating these Alright Vin bring on the bromance alright here we go first off Jamie love you this one's for you I too need to set the atmosphere I got a clicky click

and then I have this wonderful card that if you would like to open it allow me to read it to you though because it comes from me so here's the, can I read, yea read the front for sure There's so much to love about a wife like you cue romantic music it's what you say it's how you think it's every laugh and playful wink it's where you go it's what we do it's holding hands and kissing you happy Valentine's Day with love, Vin I guess it's OK, it's good and then I have a wonderful gift that I have made Nothing, nothing says I love you like what's in the box Fudge hearts What lucky lady wouldn't like this

Fudge hearts, let's see what they taste like Not much fudge in there That is to chocolate as mondo is to wine I will tell you that there is no soft creamy fudge in a rich chocolaty shell So fudge hearts and to top it off I'd like to, you know, just propose a toast to our Valentine's Day with this dollar store sangria senorial

Nonalcoholic Good, cause i'm not drinking dollar store alcohol it's a dollar store sangria, It can't be bad Made in Mexico Where all great sangria is made Whys it brown

It's sangria It's brown It looks like Pepsi so that is dimetapp dude a fudge heart is better than that so thats is 100% dimetapp Wow

What is the main ingredient there yeah that is quite terrible its like dog pee in here There you go Valentine's Day at the dollar store, I mean five dollars, five dollars, come on guys you can do this You can do this You can do this

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