How to Dress to Impress a Girl | How Girls Want Guys to Dress

I can already tell what the comment section is gonna look like, "But Jose I don't care what girls say" "I dress for myself" Well good for you but for the average guy that actually has a crush deep down they know that they want to do everything in their power to impress them And guess what the first thing your crush is gonna see, is the clothes you're wearing

So in today's video we're gonna go over what you can do to dress to impress the girl you like or any girl for that matter You never want to overwhelm her or try to overdress females, especially by rocking something like a suit that it's gonna make her feel just under dress However, a smart approach to style is definite refreshing for females and something they definitely notice especially in a sea of young guys are wearing torn jeans and bogo's So for a relaxed smart look try something like chinos and trousers, a white button-down which always works, and a sweater Of course, a watch is a must as well

Here I'm wearing a custom piece from Undone Watches An accessory you definitely want to tie off your whole look You never want to overdo it when it comes to impressing females, wearing too much something like what Johnny Depp does might come across as too feminine and turn them off Number two is understanding the psychology of color Especially when you're starting to put together outfits

In case you didn't know each color you wear it does have an effect on women and any person for that fact For example, wearing an outfit with red red signifies passion, danger, and desire That's for sure gonna get women turned on especially if your overall aesthetic is just clean, your grooming is on point, and you're wearing those colors Again, she won't know why she feels that way but it's all psychology of colors and how colors make people feel and react Or for example if you have a date already set up you want to impress her, wear the color blue

Blue signifies trust, intelligence, wisdom, confidence, all traits women definitely want in a long-term partner Bow would I do it? Simple! I would implement the color and a light blue dress shirt or a sweater to really push through that notion Even easier, you can change the watch strap on your watch and again you're sending that message through subtle accessories through the clothing you're wearing And she won't know why, but you're impressing her just because you knew what you were doing That's the cool part from these watches from Undone

They're completely custom and you can build them yourself on their site to suit your needs and the style you personally like Undone watches was created by a guy called Michael Young and he's basically known as the bracelet magician Because he takes broken, beaten up Rolex bracelets and makes them look new Well he took that skill and you can definitely see in this watch company, adding quality materials and position to detail and all other timepieces Giving you access to styles and materials that would be in thousand-dollar watches for a fraction of the price

The coolest part of the watch is that almost every aspect of the watch is completely customizable, from the dial, what dial style you want, from the color of the casing, the hands you want the color of hands you want , how you want your tick markers ,what watch band you want, if you want to clear backing Literally, you have control almost every style aspect of the watch and and it almost feels like you're a watchmaker Their online builder is the funnest part of it all You go online completely free you can build any watch that you can think of and design something that is personal to you and your personal style I'm also going to include a code down there in case you build one yourself and you're so infatuated with it then you just need a buy one, I'll make sure you get it at a lower price

There's gonna be a link down below that it's gonna take you to Undone Watches, check out their builder They have like I said crazy amount of customizations and it's not just their amazing chronographs This is their new line, they have a previous line of divers which I really love that you can also completely customize So if you guys want to check it out I'm gonna have Undone Watches link down below Number three probably even more important than color is the cut of your clothing

Women love a man that, well, looks like a man and has masculine features If you can enhance those attributes or emboldened them through your clothing, well then you're just going to become even more attractive to women, so a couple things you want to look into When you're looking to buy tops whether it be a jacket, dress shirt, even tee shirts, you want to make sure your shoulder seams always line up on your shoulders If it's too much, it makes your shoulders a little droopy more feminine and round it off If you get it just right, that's what squares off your shoulders and gives you that broad effect

When you're wearing dress shirts, especially casually, that's what you always see me rolled up my dress shirts I think it's one of the best ways to go because when it fits snug on your forearm, it makes your form look thicker and more vascular Again, increasing that attraction, making you look manly Adding a watch does the same effect Number four, make sure your clothing is wrinkle free

This is something that young guys are huge victims to Most young guys can't properly iron their clothes or even worse are too lazy to even do so So, sadly we are notorious for walking around with wrinkled garments The problem is it makes you look dirty and sloppy like you just grabbed that out of the hamper and wore that through the day Making sure your clothing is properly iron will make you look crisp and definitely attract the females eye

Which brings me to my final point in tip, number five like I said women love cleanliness, it's kind of like they're analyzing how you'll be in an actual relationship and hopefully down the road Nobody wants to live with a slob, so make sure you smell well Consider using a cologne or even a scented body wash if you don't want to bother with having to buy a fragrance This will make sure that you're always smelling great and on point and not turning her off because you have some funky or musky B-O And that's pretty much it, you're good to go

Most women aren't into the latest fashion trends and if you're the trendiest guy Most women just want to guy that's well put together, that looks mature, and actually takes care of himself The formula simple guys, you want to impress women? Put a little bit of effort So that's it for this week's video guys I hope you enjoyed it If you did, don't forget to drop us a like down below also don't forget to check out these sweet custom watches from Undone

I'm going to have them link down below so you can customize your own That's it for me today See you next time!

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