I Too Had A Date On Valentine’s Day ||with English subtitle ||Team damaruga

[Suprabatham in the background] Fly: Just because suprabatham don't get confused These buggers get up everyday at 3 PM Crush messaged me ? Is she asking for my Valentine's day plan ? man someone messaged me

making sure it's not a dream Tell me who pinged me ? Your girl pinged you , asking for valentine's day plan I can't believe this God please don't tell me this is a dream Audience are already guessing , it will be a dream I am getting a call from her Would she say by mistake i sent the message ? Are you asking me out Sure i wil come Maga with this tummy You won't get anybody Come ,will go to gym NO NO NO I can't I can't Fly: Just for girls what all you do Ayyo Just in one day 😛 Take this man and you need money also some more money Take everything ,at least you should get a girl How are you going ? By walk maga Take my bike , take whatever you need Magas, you guys GOD

Thank you so much It looks like a prank That guy looks like Sachin definitely it's a prank [Famous kannada song in the background] Fly:I thought it's a prank Sorry sorry , Did i make you to wait ? No no Just 2 hrs you know what ? lost my lipstick so i travelled 20 kms to get it I use only MAC brand lipstick MAC brand ? huh i use Abhidas Ribook brands high maintenance girl i will apply some more lipstick how do i look? You always look beautiful I know I know , you are also not looking bad Leave it , suddenly you pinged me suddnely called me for date Will you give somethig else also suddenly ? Ya , nice slap on your face shall we order something? Didn't have anything since last 5 mins Very hungry I think my credit card limit also crossed Literally i can see my future Mornig you swiped your card and night you are washing I will tell you the secret see the graph properly beauty is directly proportional to maintenance nothing will happen what are your future plans ? Thank god you asked me My dad has planned for my marrige why ? i spend his money for party ,shopping and all once i get married i can spend my hubby's money i just asked for next week plans Will you listen to me ? tell me tell me Where did he go ? No i was tying shoe lace Ohh

last time one guy escaped like this i thought you also left like that Listen you know what I want to get married in London My boy should propose me like how Yash did in Mr And Mrs Ramachari Non stop talk continues Please leave me Crushes are there to crush our life only my ears are bleeding we don't call ***** to girls where are you going ? i will join Ashram Pay the bill 😛 fly : i thought today i can get women's blood waste fellow Go and join Nithyanda Ashram

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Dating Conversations



Dating Conversations

Dating Conversations