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Hey guys My name is Shallon and I'm here to help you with all the questions you might have about love, lust, romance, and everything in between

For more, visit me on twitter @downtownshallon or be sure to check out my website shallononlinecom Ahh facebook the place we all go to lurk, stalk, make friends, stalks more maybe that's just me But there are few key dos and don'ts you definitely want to abide by when it comes to the book, number 1: don't poke, do you like being poked in real life? you likes when someone comes up to you and jabs thier fingers in to you? guess what, people don't like digitally anymore, it's bizarringly Also realize that certain things are meant for the wall and certain things are meant for private messages, if you're posting things like "OMG I have the worst UTI LOL" no LOL, no ROFL, no LMFAO keep that kind of stuff private, also keep the drama private, if you hate someone and she's on Facebook, don't be one of those people that DR

Phil talks about who is like a cyber bullying or writing mean things on her wall,what are you 12, you might be at 12 but that's no excuse it's weird and it's creepy and you know what stuff like this follows you forever If you're being mean like that to somebody chances are the guy that you like or a guy you might potentially like in the future is going to see it and he's not going to like you because once again it's creepy Don't be that girl or guy who's constantly changing their relationship status girls wait until the guy invites you to be in a relationship, don't be signing out this thing willy-nilly like it's a flyer in a rock show, respect your status, change it only when you feel the guy deserves it and this goes for everybody don't be a serial "liker" Like everyone knows that one person who's liking ten thousand different statuses at like 3 in the morning, you look kind of psychotic Your Facebook profile should be a reflection of you and you have limits, you have respect for yourself, you have a small amount of information that you're willing to share with the world because the rest of it is yours in private and for the people who really matter

And another thing when it comes to your profile picture for the love of god, don't be one of those people who stands in the mirror shirtless, boys you know who you are you know who you are and takes a picture with your IPhone ahh , please don't do that it's so bizarre If you really feel compelled to do it at least make sure that the background is attractive, get out of the bathroom for goodness sake, is this the only place you people have mirrors Ladies, let's leave behind the MySpace photo where you're taking it up like this two feet above your head and looking down,I know that you think it makes you look thinner, it also makes you look like you're in 2005 Be who you are and you'll find someone who loves you for it, someone like me

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