it me ur valentine

* cut cut a wink * Hey! Good to meet you! I am Dodie I-ehm * ahem * I wrote a song for you

I hope it is not too weird It just felt good to do and, you know, it's what I do, so Yes! Yes Okay It is the day of love and I'm apparently your job You participated in a YouTube game but we can call it fate because if it was not made if it was not played here is a list of reasons why you would not date me again

my room is a mess I usually dress as if I were twelve I have a bad mood I am always sad I complain when I'm cold I am usually on tour mostly boring emmeagram 4 (sensitive and dramatic) I lose my keys you will never see my bathroom floor I cry daily I am always too late I chew on my pens I have never seen "friends" I am not good with dogs I talk to myself I am on my skin drink too much gin leave you "read" have a bunk bed never unpacked always have a jetlag intolerable uncomfortable incapable impossible to date Well, you can subscribe if you want Ehmm stick around I have a music channel This is more my kind of- I-have-no-idea channel Or you can play again! I'm just kidding I also think I am great

Well, okay, bye!

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Dating Conversations



Dating Conversations

Dating Conversations