Dating Rules From My Future Self S01 E01 – Türkçe Altyazılı

"How can I help you?" Wanted home Lucy? Hi, I'm back

Lucy's calling! Yeah, how was it? Excuse me I'm a jetlag – Watch it! – I deserve that finger Are you riding a bicycle? Can I call you later? You don't endanger all Silver Lake Tell me quickly, did he? He offered me back as soon as I returned to Los Angeles

Hi, I'm Kelsey Now I'm involved I heard You and your four-year-old boy went to Paris for a week But he didn't propose until he returned to Los Angeles Or did he wait until the suitcases arrived? I think it's nice "I can travel the world with you, but my heart is almost it's like having a home

" Or "I forgot in Paris where I remember the marriage proposal is our home " How Many Carats are Diamonds? Friends, can we focus a second? In fact, I didn't say yes exactly I mean, I'll say, for sure, maybe You've been thinking about this for the last 4 years? This is an important decision

Should I just say yes? – He's great – You should have said something – Yes I know – Brendan's great We'il see him today at work

But before I give him my answer we can talk about it this evening – Talking – Oh, sure Okay then

We can't let her marry this hyena – Welcome, Lucy – Good for you Congratulations Thank you

What did I do? You gave us a great excuse to eat at Kapkek – Congratulations – Congratulations Here it is Congratulations

Yeah Did you tell everyone? Brendan Burke Or if Lucy Lambert doesn't want to change her name Mom, you should see him now She's about to give birth

Fooled you We'il talk tonight, okay? Ours, to celebrate wants to take us to dinner tonight I told them we'd be drinking at your house Will you get champagne on your way home? But, Brendan, I told you I'd think about it

Yeah, but you won't say no, will you? – Is not it? – Well, no What do I do with my tattoo? "I love Brucy"? Who's Brucy? – Come on, excitement – I am I need to get ready for the meeting See you there

– You might want to wear this – It'il be fine Congratulations, Mrs Burke Since we've got personal happiness news

We can continue with the 'Angry Pigeons' Brendan, Noelle, is there something? How about 'Unbalanced Rabbits'? Doesn't that look like the Angry Pigeons? Which angle? One is an angry bird, the other is a rabbit who has trouble balancing his emotions

Manic rabbit, depressed rabbit Manic depressive That's it, isn't it? But what if we do something that decides? What's this? Time to tell everyone's opinion? – I'd like to hear more, Lucy – Let's hear it I

The "yes, no, maybe" games that everyone loves or something like a magic ball Well, if it was an application, like

If you enter all your personalities and who you want to be in the next 10 or 20 years If it also presents an avatar, showing you the future ideal So the person you want to be So, the right steps to be the person you want to be you can see if you're throwing

I did not understand Well, I think it's a little science fiction Yeah Brendan, what do you think? I liked it For the moment, the development phase may be a bit heavy for us

Yes I understand It may need some time Maybe not, which is not a problem These cupcake cakes are really great Thank you

Thank you so much <i> 'Unknown' 'Image not good' </ i> Lucy? Lucy, are you okay? – Hello, Dave – I'm sorry I shouldn't have parked on the sidewalk – No problem

– Your balloons are gone – Are you okay? – Yes thanks The fall was perfect, by the way You're on the ground, officially Yeah, I've already practiced a little

Brendan asked me to bring some snack for his family Congratulations, by the way Earlier – I don't know if I told you – Thank you – Welcome to your home! – Welcome to your home! – Hi, Dave – Hi, Dave Champagne from France? No, not France

I bought it from the store For Brendan's family They're coming here – Why are they coming? – They're engaged – Wait, what did you say? – You said 'yes'? Hooray! Understood

We're canceling the intervention Well, I hope I didn't ruin the surprise Very sweet You can't ruin anything All right, see you girls

When Kelsey, Brendan and Lucy got married how about buying a roommate? – I thought we'd talk about this – Lucy, what's your plan? They'il be here in an hour

– Well, what – So what will happen in the longer term? For example, have you set a date? – I'm the bridesmaid? – Did you get the dress? You don't go crazy, okay? It's been an hour before I was engaged What, I wanted a wedding dress on my way home? – I have one

– Of course there are I've done the shooting for the QVC Because it was my wedding dress It also helps me maintain my weight How sad it wouldn't be to fit in my dream wedding dress

Yeah, that's the sad part <i> 'Unknown' Did you understand me? '</ i> I'm always getting strange messages from that unseen number – "Did you understand me?" – Let stand Can you hide your number when you text? – Seriously? – Yeah If this is true, I have a lot of shame messages

– Try it – No, let me not She'il look so beautiful in her beautiful petite body Besides, your size is the same and you're gonna look great If you're gonna get married before me, you should try that

Please wear it, I can't take it Yeah! <i> 'Unknown' Do this' </ i> How does it look? Oh my God! It suits everyone We can be sisters in bridal dresses Calm down I am kidding

Are you sending these messages? No By the way, I tried hiding my number I don't, and I'm sure my teacher's wife is on their way here right now 'Look at that,' he says What should I not do? Shouldn't I? – From a statistical point of view

If you thought I made a mistake, you would've said it, right? – I'm making a mistake? – Yeah! No no Love is a personal choice and whatever you choose I mean, you can divorce me anytime

I want to keep quiet Hey, Lucy? – Lucy? – What time is it? Okay, just I knew you were excited, but

You're not going to wear this with my parents, are you? No, I'm sorry We didn't realize how time passed Thank you

My parents are eager to see where you live Of course, because they want to evaluate me It's not true – Yes it is – Yes it is

Take it off You remove yours 'Who are you?' Honey, I'd like to ask 'You know who I am' will you turn off your phone tonight? Mom's not gonna like that They come that way, to see your beautiful face

– Yes, of course – All right, good – Lucy, are you okay? – Yeah Forget what I'm saying They came

Ladies – You look amazing – Thank you 'Tell me who you are' 'I'm your' ' I am a decade later' Translation: £ NJOY facebook


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Dating Conversations



Dating Conversations

Dating Conversations