Hello everybody! For today's video I thought it would be fun to talk about dating The do's and the don'ts

I have so many single guy friends and girlfriends in the city who are constantly just telling me stories about difficult dating situations they've been in and I just feel like there might be some miscommunication between the two sides Today I got together three of my girlfriends who know a thing or two about swiping right, or leftand going steady

Here's some of their tips and tricks, and their stories My name is Sharon Chung, I am 23 years old I'm currently not single, however I have a lot of experience with dating apps Hi, I'm Amy I am a business analyst and I am 31 years old

I became single a year ago My name is Chin Lu I am a digital media marketing professional I will be 29 this weekend I must have been going on at least 100 first dates by now, I'm not gonna lie

Definitely a lot of harassment "HeyDTF?" Just really lewd language

It's like, uncalled for, I did not ask for this Before you even talk (in person) I don't think the first line should be like, "Hey, wanna come over to my place?" Maybe guys just don't, they've never been in the position of a female where, we kinda have to watch out for our safety, you know Starting off a conversation with, like, "Hey, I have wine at my house, wanna come over?" is not necessarily offensive, but it's kinda like, what's your intention? Some guys will just message me and be like, "Hey, my name's This, let's go out" And I'm like, did you even read my profile? Can you say anything about me?Most girls take the time to actually fill out their profile and talk about what they like, and I would say, pick something in there If she says she likes pizza, you know, be like, "Hey, what's your favorite pizza joint?" A lot of guy's profiles are so terrible

Let your sister review it, female friends review it Do I seem too aggressive in this one? Do I seem too creepy? Or, is it funny? Don't make racist jokes The biggest mistake on one of the dates I've been on, this guy, his friends made a really crude comment about how he was only there because he can't find another blonde, blue-eyed woman Oh, yeah so as an Asian female, we are stereotyped

Sometimes I'll get comments like, "Oh, I love Chinese food too" you know, or like, "I love sushi Are you Japanese?" Don't make that assumption, because I'm neither Oh, and I still get like, the, "Ni Hao, Konnichiwa" A lot of times I go out with guys who are very confident, which I like, but then they end up talking about themselves the whole time

So, I ask them about their job, they keep going, they don't ask me about my job I've been on a date, or on dates, where, it was just like he was reading his resume "Oh, I'm working for so and so company, I founded this company" I don't care I'd rather a guy kinda have a conversation like, tell me a little about yourself but also ask me about me

You should read the energy Read their body language There's plenty of times where guys try to kiss me, and I'm literally doing this And they keep going! Grab me, want to hug me, or kiss meor hold my hand And I'm like, well my hand is like a fist and they are just trying to hold it Like this Ask for consent

That would be nice So yeah, I feel like texting games was something of college years I mean there are people who will not reply for one or two days and they're like, "Oh, I was so busy at work" And I'm like, I don't believe in that Like, we are so connected now

My boss who has like meetings like, from morning to night still replies to my texts If you're not texting back at least within a reasonable time frame, you're not interested Be honest Say, you know, "I want to see you I don't know why you're not responding

But if you can, give me a call back" Everyone has their own timeline And you have to trust the process and really um, don't beat yourself over it Continue to have fun, continue to really take care of yourself When the time is right you'll meet someone

Once you know who you are and work on your own passions, and actually find out and are really grounded in your own values, it makes it so, far, far easier than being insecure and just going on dates looking for guys for the sake of looking for guys When I've met people that I've been with in the past, it's always been when I least expected it Whether it be like, going to a concert or like, grabbing a drink, it's always when I'm doing me, where I attract the people that um, are attracted to me I'd rather be single forever than be with someone not right for me I could be a great cougar, who knows! Thanks so much to my girlfriends for sharing their tips and tricks

Whether you're happily attached to someone or you're flying solo, the most exciting, challenging, and meaningful relationship of all is the relationship we have with ourselves Because in the words of Carrie Bradshaw, our favorite fashionista and love guru, "If you can find someone to love the you that you love, well, then that's just fabulous" So today, be kind to yourself, love yourself For better, for worse, for richer, for poorer If you've got any dating advice or funny stories to share, I'd love to read them, go ahead and give this video a Like and leave your funny story in the comments section below

Don't forget to Like and Subscribe for more videos and I will see you all next week Thank you so much for watching, love you all, MUAH!

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Dating Conversations



Dating Conversations

Dating Conversations