How to Find Love Over 40: Online Dating 2 DOs & 3 DON’Ts Advice for Women After 40 50

The first few pictures are one or two of those, the first one is professional and you look your best We don't have to

Okay [Single Midlife Man Attendee who attended in the past] "And solo not include you whole" Yes Let's go, I was going to talk more about this next week No, no, no [squealing voice] we can do a few these things this week Kind a couple of tips, major tips about photos You wouldn't think I would have to mention this

Smile? Smile Men and women

Smile And no one else in the pictures even if you're if it's like a secondary picture because what happens is especially it happens like in a couple like demographics a lot where it's not just us blonde here in Orange County because I'm like I'm the same way But it's especially, what starts to happen is and like Orange County, All women are blonde We're not is like all over money we're not but that's like kind of the utility bit it's like of course you know you know many of us have like similar hairstyles and they dressed I like it in general not identical but similar kind of way well guess what most of our friends we all kind of resemble each other and if we were taking one of those like fun candid pictures girls night out it's at like the barring something or like drunk they're what everybody like it's a fun night if you feel like this is a great picture of me because it really captured me having fun with my friends and I'm smiling any sees either pictures or music he knows which one I am but not in this picture because we actually kind of all resemble each other and he can you can't figure it out and maybe he's actually starting to be really attracted to the one who's on the far end and it's not you you know it's it's like just avoid all of this a lot of the things about pictures about like not other people none of your pets men men if they are kind of like over 55 ish maybe around there sometimes can get away with it's like a dog sometimes but now you're picking out your main picture and often when they're kind of like under 35 because there's kind of like because there's a little bit less of a seriousness typically in that group and so the women aren't looking for as much of a life partner point yet so people kind of show like I'm a dog guy here's my dog and we hang out and we get and do stuff together so you can kind of show that and it can kind of work women pretty much you can't men used to bail because you do two gorgeous daughters he already never close their pictures you know at his profile I have seen men where they include pictures of other people their other family members and if one once it cracks me up is when they're in attacks next week young bride who is she you know if you may think I know of course it's a lot is she's my daughter of course it's a hobby and she's my niece I kind of mentioned her in the profile enough clearly enough you know it's just or even if you did it it's like maybe he's four in the show they've all left the nest it's okay I'm actually available you're his pictures not quite saying that to us when we see that we don't take pictures with the bar the bartender so okay so women will take pictures with the bartender guys will to 12 times yeah you're like that would you the guys are typically doing that one they're in that kind of like their 20s late 20s into like early 30s ish age group cuz they're like she would really caught so I want to make sure the hot bartender is you know hey I'll disagree my profile and this is where it's like especially kind of social networking has on one hand made things more comfortable with the internet dating on the other hand it's made it kind of too comfortable where we're now we're so used to how we behave at Facebook of like hey I just took this picture I just took this my iphone after two drinks when I make the best decisions in my life and I'm trusting it immediately to my match

com profile and I'm just like don't do it it's same thing with Facebook and it's like just just wait no no one else is in your picture no children generally no pets I mean I was like I'm getting leeway for like you know for men and dogs you know sizeable dogs not small yappy dogs then that could happen and that might work just in general the feel that you want to create is those first couple of photos are professional and you at your best

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