The only dating advice you’ll ever need

There is a lot of dating advice out there that doesn't make sense to me Always make sure you're the one to text him less

So if he sends you two texts you send him one And if he sends you one text you send him one word answers If he's getting distant then you just tell him that he's being clingy and that you need space You just always have to reverse psychology them Here's a series of books of canned responses for every possible scenario organized alphabetically by topic of discussion

Thank you Yeah I will um get right on that There's articles and books and movies and blogs and videos All based purely on the concept that there is a right way to date someone That there is a correct combination of texts and words and behaviours that will make somebody fall in love with you without you losing your power I think this is bullshit And I mean don't get me wrong

I'll admit when I was fifteen I would read Cosmopolitan and Seventeen magazine and follow their advice to a "T" He's gonna call me now He's gonna call me now He's gonna call me now Now Now

He's gonna call me now He's *gasps* *phone ringing* Hey Michael! I'm so sorry

I was just in the shower All naked and stuff What's up chicken butt? But I realized that all of this advice is based on the flawed premise that love is a game and people are prizes to be won And when I would follow these rules and inevitably get to know a person better And become emotionally invested in them

I would realize way too late Wait! We're not actually compatible Yeah so I just like walked out Wait You just left without paying? Look if they're not going to give me the bill on time then I'm just gonna go Bye! *chuckles* I remember when I was in like my late teens early twenties I had like this really long conversation with my grandma where I was just like confused and angry about love and marriage and dating and I just felt like there were so many rules you had to follow And I had so much anxiety about doing the wrong thing or saying the wrong thing And she was like "Anna Kay The only dating advice you will ever need is to just be yourself

" Because that way if someone falls in love with you, they're falling in love with you And not this idea that you've presented It's a lot of work to maintain an idea over a long period of time It's quite easy to keep being yourself And her advice, though very simple, and straightforward and seemingly obvious really stuck with me As like a no bullshit way to see who's weirdness vibes with your weirdness

Because if you're the kind of person who says whatever is on their mind No matter how inappropriate or dark Your date's gonna either laugh and like it or they're gonna think that it's awkward and never call you again But either way, you didn't hold back an aspect of your personality that you otherwise might've suppressed for some time I think it's much better to just be upfront with who you are and what the other person is signing up for And if they like it – great! And if they don't – cool! Move on and find somebody else And when you finally do they'll like you for you

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Dating Conversations



Dating Conversations

Dating Conversations