The Top Five Rules for Dating

[Intro Music] Hey guys, its Abbi J here, Oh I just said "guys" umm BEEP Hey ladies, its Abbi J here, you might have noticed that I'm only addressing the ladies here today because this video is specifically for girls and the best rules about dating I want to share these tips with you today and hopefully spare you a lot of the pain, and jealousy, and all those disgustingly amazing emotions that you feel when you are dating somebody

So let's get started The first rule, and girls I am so serious about this rule Okay, if he is not texting you daily, and holding your hand on dates, and asking you on dates, and wanting to be with you every single moment he can, then he's not that into you It is all or nothing He can't just be texting you, "Well I mean he texts me every day but I don't know why he doesn't ask me on a date

" That's because he's not very into you So have enough respect for yourself to tell him that he can be your friend or he can be your lover, but it is going to be all or nothing Now, this is also really important This isn't really a rule, but it's the overarching, most important thing I could share with you today ladies, is that you are gold And if he doesn't treat you like gold then go find someone who will

Because any young man will treat a lady like gold if she demands to be treated like gold So keep that little bit of knowledge tucked away and we'll move on to the next tips The second tip is to set your boundaries If you don't respect your body he won't Now, this is not a dis on young men

Young men, I am not dissing you This is for you young ladies to know that he can't possibly respect you if you don't respect your body I am a very strong believer that physical expressions of love should never be uncomfortable They should never be forced, or embarrassing or anything that you don't want them to be And you are the one who has to set that

As much as young men are gentlemen and we love them, it's your body and your rules Tip number 3, if he doesn't pay for you, it's not a date Now with that said, also one of the best advice I was ever given by my mom is to carry $20 with you on a date no matter what It is such nice security blanket if, for some reason, he really does leave his wallet in the car It's not awkward

And if he really is a jerk and doesn't pay for you, and you have the awkward experience of, "Oh, we're getting two checks Oh, I'm supposed to pay for my ticket?" You don't have to be so embarrassed You can just hand them your $20 that you have there just in case of emergencies and when he drops you off at the doorstep, you say, "Oh my gosh, what a fun hang out" Because that's what it is if he doesn't pay for you Step 4, compliment him and thank him for the date

Ladies, I know this from dating boys, from having amazing brothers who would talk to me about stuff like this Guys really do spend a lot of time getting ready They really do care about how they look And, guess what? They drop a lot of money on some of these dates So be thankful, be grateful

I really made the mistake in high school of teasing a lot of the boys I dated It was playful banter but you know there is such a fine line between teasing and many times, more than I care to admit, I'm embarrassed, these guys would say to me, "Well, that was rude" or " Don't you like me?" or "Don't you know how hard I worked on this dance or this group date?" and I would be so embarrassed, because I didn't mean it that way But I wasn't being sincere, and kind, and complementing him for what he did well So make sure that you are very kind and genuine to a boy you are dating or even a friend that is taking you on a date

The very last tip for dating is to be a fantastic date Do you hear me, girls? Be awesome! Now what I mean by this is that have fun Don't complain about the food Don't complain about the movie Don't gossip about that couple that you're with

Just be enjoyable Be pleasant to be with There is nothing more miserable than a guy dropping a lot of money on you for movie and dinner and your just a miserable bump on a log the whole time It's an awful night for you and it's an awful night for them Now I want to be clear, I'm not saying lead anybody on

that's a whole new level of mean and tricky situations But what I am saying is, you know, have the decency of respect for you and for them to enjoy yourself Ladies just remember that you're gold, and any gentleman will treat you like gold if you demand to be treated like gold Keep those in mind, ladies have fun and enjoy yourself okay? Abbi out [bloopers] Oh, where's the button? And you just need to demand

But, I'm going to redo that

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Dating Conversations



Dating Conversations

Dating Conversations