There are only guys now, I hope they have a wonderful evening Hi jakepaulers, how are you? This morning was super cool, I returned after my breakfast and that's what happened: Logan ?? but what are you doing? listen: you started this war of pranks (Prank Wars) and I put an end to it and you guys are in it? but what are you doing? He paid us Did you pay them? no I did not pay, it's slime You are angry? Yeah guy And wait, why are you walking like this? Because it's slime There is a PS3 in it David my father will watch this video, how are you David? David I hope you like and you subscribe, I am a jakepauler myself Thank you David It is 9:30 in the morning You will wake up the neighbors! Jake, I need you for something What? I need a thumbnail guy I'm going to do that, But first you get out of there when you clean up oh yes more I planned to clean everything Really? NO Logan, I hate you Nobody has cleaned up yet We may have to empty the entire pool Then we played basketball with the guys And then I did a little motorcycle How are you baby? OOOh our neighbors hate us And now it's time to help Julian and Tugyan for their dates Wow I was going to help him for his appointment, and he did it alone I love, I'll put that in my room Yeah you're good on it That's what I call being generous Hi KAde Salit Liam Hi Jake, hi luck Hi Tristan! Hi Tugyan Hi Julian, oh uh we did shit here Hi Greg Hi Anthony, Hi JAke Hi uh Emilio Hi JAke Drug Oh no, do not do that, no! Hi the chair Hi Nick I'm going home tomorrow In England? Yes

But just for a week? Not true? Yes The jakepaulers will be trots of not being able teaser you Goodbye goodbye Well, the Jakepaulers if you do not know what are sitting right now basically Julian and Tugyan are going to have a meeting with TEssa and Erika The girls had to pick fans from hundreds, it took them hours and hours and they chose these two guys But guys today is a big day, it's at 7:30 pm What did you expect? Nothing for the moment I believe nop You have nothing planned guys? You have no plan? No I forgot what your poem says, but but I think you said: you will be offered flowers Yeah did you say that? You flew to Germany and you did not even bring flowers from Germany? It is 2:30 pm, the appointment is in 5 hours We must fix the situation Let's go guys, it's time Girls love flowers, they are perfect ones They will be beautiful on the table and everything They do not know what they do I really help them Guys, girls love candles THE two, go Attention to all customers, there is a big appointment tonight Julian and Tugyan will have fun So, let's do it the Jakepaulers, it's every day Ok we still have three hours before their appointment, move you guys So the guys just returned and we have everything we need But this garden is not very good condition We only have an hour and a half before the start of the appointment It is already getting dark, we will prepare this place Are you ready girls? Yes, we are getting ready First, do not look in the garden, it's a surpise, they work hard! Really? They have everything prepared, with their ideas, it's amazing I am in a big hurry! So what are we eating? You will see They prepared the food alone! Wow really? this is so cute Just do not go in the garden! We do not know which guy goes with whom? You talk to each other and they do the same, I'll talk to you we forgot the food !! we forgot the food! we forgot the food! What are we going to do? postmates! we forgot the food, I do not know what we are going to do I was talking to them to Erika and Tessa and they asked me what she will eat for dinner We breathe we breathe, what do we have? is in 2017 think about what you can eat

I already said postmates? Can I make toast? No We're just going to take postmates We will take them out of their boxes and put them on their plates and you will say that you did it yourself They will not know it never, until the day they look at this vlog oh wait, do we have a server? we need a server Chad! I call Chad and you take care of the postmates That's it, dear things Ok the last step of all this is me and Tristan who will watch them during the appointment, Tristan was painted by Jordy in bush and we'll be able to spy on them Eat vegan, you felt good All this connects, we just need the last touches its good did you decide who takes who? Not yet I'm so happy you're here Julian and Tugyan are fans and they go to a meeting with Erika and Tessa tonight It's this evening? Yes It's like in an hour And we need you to control the server AHAHAH (imitate the server) can I play with them? to make shit? Yes Yes are you going to pay me or will they pay me? because I want to be paid I will pay you what are we taking from them? some pizza ! no !!!! not pizza shut up, you're just the waiter pasta oh shit they're not 21 years old except Erika we can not take them red wine we will take them red juice four two orders, potatoes three, because you'll be there ahahahah fortunately I'm leaving good jakespaulers we ordered the food, it will happen in 45 minutes I think everything is good now let's go there baby it's my guys! it's my guys! preparation it looks like a private 5-star restaurant I was with tables and flowers I can not be dressed like that I will prepare for the occasion that's it I'm better like that let's go there we need music! you do not need live music AJ! I'll call AJ and we'll see how long he can get here as soon as possible I call you guys I think AJ is here AJ we need you too much guy Erika and Tessa go to an appointment with two fans who came from Germany and we need music live you know romantic music ?? Yeah yeah I have some it's my boy the fat you are ready ?? I will call you with this phone I will be in your ear to give you suggestions and compliments to find for girls topics of conversation but we will also watch you you put that in your pocket I will clearly tap you with a branch I will be like a tree in a forest they will not even notice it you hear me? yeah what do I say? she is beautiful, she is beautiful everything is ready Chade will be your server and the food arrives tell them you did it The appointment (singing ed sheeran- thinking out loud) welcome to the garden restaurant are you in a hurry? Yes ! Ok i've just got 5 minutes to close Oh my God that's wonderful ! it's the beautiful plys table that I saw (singing ed sheeran-thinking out loud) it's so beautiful did sit down pulls the chair tonight we have AJ mitchell's music for you how are you AJ ?? I'm going to cry I'm going to sit at the other table I know you have to pay for all night can I take your order? um no it's them Aj do a good job it's incredible a water bottle asks how they make to be so pretty cheers I have another question How do you both want to be so pretty? Ok the food has just arrived, Julian distract them, talk with them we'll go prepare the meal the food is there we have to make it look like something they did but what do we do to take their order? what do we do if they do not want that? it looks like it's them who did it perfect its good but you just returned Are you going to take these flowers? yes we brought them back from Germany I hope they will all say they want pasta they go if it's their only option you do not tell them it's pasta, it's carbonaras that's true we have beef, chicken and steak but we only have lasagna Tristan prepares you do you vow guys? Yes we just started Really? Do you like it? It's cool Yes, it's funny Just say you have everything ready you should perhaps take a piece of this French braid and share it with you they believe they did it it's just something we ordered Aj really do a good job there tell them that it's Red MEr it comes from the Red Sea Oh wow whisper in Tugyan's ear and tell him to compliment Tessa's dancing skills um i also wanted to say that I watched some videos of your dances and you're really good ow thank you very much it was very nice I'm very impressed really? Which was your favorite? the one where you dance with a group in the background in a dance hall, I do not know too much julian tell him that you would like to order ok then the fat tonight is special it's spaghetti but we have other options steak, chicken and fish but also carbonara the only option is pasta I love you so much guys you have been to many rdv guys? no What was Erika? I was looking for something to dodge but I did not find we looked at one of your vlogs and you said that you had 12 girlfriends they are in the mrerde because of their 12 girlfriends I thought Jake would like the fact that I had 12 girlfriends so yeah I understand food arrives spaguetti for you we nique everything thank you chade, I mean Corey yes, who is Chade? tell them that their noses are beautiful You know what? your noses are beautiful That's what I thought too wow thanks a lot and we look at the nose all the time I love your teeth asks Erika if she likes younger men so Erika, do you like younger men? (all laugh) age is just a number I think age is just a number

But that's true say ahaha I laugh ahahah I laugh I almost fucked ask Erika and Tessa what they think of me What do you think about Jake Paul both? He is very leaning towards appearances but he has a good personality I'm going to take that (hihi) and he has a beautiful car that's why we watched these vlogs, we loved his car we have already coded a car like that German go ahead I have more than just a truck, I have a personality and putin ca m'lele are you spying on us? I just rearranged you og my god is he spying on us ?? uh no, no did you take a reservation too? Yes is hard to get a reservation here yet I know, but I got well dressed ok we stopped can we just turn around now? Yes Yes (they laugh) is it Tristan ?? Tristan you think so much that we were not going to notice you? tell them it's not Tristan but what are you talking about ?? we do not see Tristan there But what are you talking about ?? there is no Tristan Change the subject, talk about cars talk about my car is everything alright? it's a bit cold do you want me to bring him back to warm him ?? no it's okay could we have a spoon? we do not have spoons in this restaurant, 'is Jake Paul who said no spoons, no knives Julian, that's what you have to do if you want to arrive to the dredge Go see AJ and ask him to play a romantic music, to be able to do a slow You have to do it do you like music? Yes I love Slow !! do you want to dance? I think you should rather ask your guest? yes I'm asking you both because I know that Tugyan also wants to dance oh ok let's go there it's so cute I'm going to cry my daughters are growing up now that's wonderful ok mission accomplished, now go sit down and stop the conversation Chade is there a dessert? I was going to do something, I'm going to get some chocolate is there anything left for me? as dessert, we ordered a cheesecake but we do not know yet if it's going to happen on time say it comes from Italy so we do not know it comes from Italy oh just took it for you the dessert arrives oh I think he's here the dessert arrives clap your hands to do kind you are real It's okay? Yes Yes you're in a hurry? Yes because girls are number 1 Yes that's right I know it's a bit early for dessert but this man asked for a special request to show you that you are the numbers 1 girls it's an ice cream cake with maschmallows on top peanut beaurre to finish it's very similar that at home you'll love whisper in Tugyan's ear and tell him to kiss Tessa's cheek can I kiss you on the cheek? Yes of course Jake what are you doing? Is there anything you have for me? I did everything for them, I took it from Allemgne, I organized all that I took a waiter, some food a kiss on the cheek girls oh Jake we have leftovers for you I'm just there tell them you want to go for a long walk in Los Angeles what do you think about going for a walk? it's a hike tell them that you can burn all those calories we need to burn all those calories Are you saying we're fat? no i just say we ate a lot of calories I just put you in the shit we're just going to stop eating then in this case the water is very good we love fitness and we know you too just finish your drinks we already pay and it was expensive we come back wait I do not know what to do there so how does it go? very good AJ is perfect the music is great oh they arrive they have no clues Tell them I'm lifting you and want to go walking Jake is just boring I think we should just leave now YES, I'm really sorry he's doing things like that I do not know why he does that let's go there thank you very much Thank you sir oh wait Bye fat, I hope you liked your appointment youhou the best AJmerci dude and you did not even play ?! it's cool ! I want pasta It's that we now, that's exactly what I wanted I wanted that at the end of the day we end up like this just guys now I hope they're having a good time I did not know that AJ did not play at all I had no idea thank you very much the Jake Paulers it's everyday bro (it's every day) peace it was not the end of my vlog thanks to (I do not know the names) for activating my notifivations we're really crazy and thanks to Erika and Tessa for being very good appointments and to all these guys Julian and Tugyan vlogging I will put you the link of their chains in the description and see you tomorrow because it's every day!

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