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– And out of the corner of my eye, I see this adorable little dog scooting across the carpet, dragging his butt as he goes, leaving a huge giant poop streak behind him And I'm like oh damn, what do I say, this is so embarrassing

This is the story about one of the best dates I've ever been on It was the first week in February and her name was Cher She had beautiful black hair with a red streak in it She was in her last year studying graphic design She was a part-time model, she had a cherry blossom tattoo on her back

We had met online in this community where photographers and models get together to collaborate Now quickly it moved beyond a potential collaboration as we told each other things about our lives that had nothing to do with photography, like our two dogs or the relationship she just got out of Eventually, she messaged me and wanted to grab a coffee Now believe it or not I said no I said I was busy and the reason I said that is because I was insecure

I thought she was way out of my league, I thought she was too beautiful for me, I was worried that I would bore her Well later that week, I'm shopping at a thrift store and I'm walking up to the counter to pay for my pants and this magical clerk, this clerk with red, wispy hair that reminded me of a sycamore tree looked at me with piercing eyes and said, "I love your style" And while that seems superficial, it filled me with some confidence, so much so that when Cher asked me what I was doing on Saturday, I said nothing, let's hang out And so it's Saturday and I park near her house in Oakland, and I get there about 15 minutes early because I was so worried about being late So I'm sitting the car, nervous, gripping the steering wheel even though I was parked, my palms were sweaty, I could feel a pit in my stomach, in fact, I contemplated going back, texting her and saying I'm sorry, I'm sick, or a family emergency, but before you know it, she was opening the door and she was smiling at me, and she said hi

So we get in my car, and she's asking me "so what "are we gonna do?" You see, I really wanted to come up with an original idea, not that traditional romantic dinner, cause I'm like so many other guys could do that I wanna do something that's unique, that's memorable, that's different And so I'm like we're gonna get on the next train and we're just gonna go some place Who knows where It's not the destination that matters, it's the journey

And this, like at first I could tell she was confused She was a little bit worried, but then after a brief moment of confusion, she smiled and said, "let's do it" So we park at the train station and we get on the next train headed to the South Bay I step on the train and I sit down, and she comes over, she looks around and she looks down at me and says, "Nate, I'm sorry but can we sit somewhere else, "because I can't be facing backwards when on a train" Sure, no problem, so we sit down next to this really good looking guy

He had a jean jacket on, baseball cap tilted to the side, bright blue eyes, and a goatee And he starts hitting on her, "hey ma, look beautiful," right when I'm sitting next to her And I could tell that she was uncomfortable, she was squirming in her seat, trying to ignore him by having a conversation with me but it was getting a little awkward, and so I held her palm very softly and lifted it up to the light, and said, can I read your palm? See I just started learning how to read palms and she looked at me and smiled and said, "please do, "but give me a good fortune please" And so I proceeded over the next five to 10 minutes to tell her what I saw on her palm And that made us forget about everyone else in that train car for that moment in time

And so we're going on this train, scenery is passing us, and we're getting into these deep philosophical questions and we're laughing and we're smiling, and then, kind of out of nowhere, she hops up and she grabs this broom that was over in the corner on the floor, and she picks it up and she starts sweeping the train, the floor of the train She's going back and forth, taking it quite seriously, and I'm sitting here, I'm like what do I say? This is strange And she starts sweeping around this old man's leather boot, and he looks at me and I look at him and he laughs and says, "your girlfriend is beautiful" And it was at that moment she chuckled and dragged the broom over his shoe And I thought to myself yeah, she could be

She's not right now, but she could be The confidence was building, the more we talked and the more energy I felt her give me, the more I realized that I was comfortable with her, that she was comfortable with me, sparks and energy were pulling us together, and so out of nowhere, I looked at her and said, what are you gonna do with all that trash? You don't have a dust pan You just can sweep but you can't sweep it into anything, and she laughed and shrugged her shoulders and said, "that's true" After another 30 minutes, I sense that she's getting a little bored of being on this train, in this confined space, and she wanted to do something else I started getting a little concerned cause I hadn't thought that far in advance

I thought for some reason that we would be on this train and it would take us to a destination and it would be magical but I didn't think beyond the train Then I start worrying, oh god, what are we gonna do next? Is she thinking of having dinner? Does she wanna do something else? Does she not wanna see me, are we gonna end this? So doubt is creeping a little bit back into me, but I know it's time to end this train trip So I tell her let's go back to the car So we go back to the car and we're driving around and I'm taking the long way back to her home, I'm driving up into the hills of Oakland with this beautiful vista The sun would soon be setting and she looks at me and says, "let's go back to my place, we can go and have "a drink on my porch and watch the sun set

" And I'm like oh, yes I didn't want the night to end and this was also a sign that she wanted to spend more time with me, and I was happy as can be Things felt right And so we get back to her place, I park, I get out of the car, I open the car door, she gets out, she opens the door to her apartment and her dog was waiting for her right at the foot of the steps, right by the door, and he just jumps on her and starts wagging his tail against my leg, then he sees me, this complete stranger and he's clawing at my knee and licking my knee and I'm laughing, I'm shrieking, I bend down to pet him and he's so wild and it's adorable And eventually we're able to sneak by him and she grabs his leash and realizes that she needs to take him out to relieve himself

So we're walking around the neighborhood, the dog relieves himself, he takes a crap, and she picks it up, throws it away, and then we go back to her house While she's mixing drinks, I take a seat on this big brown sofa, and I'm sitting there just comfortable, like this is right, things are right, and out of the corner of my eye, I see this adorable little dog scooting across the carpet, dragging his butt as he goes, leaving a huge giant poop streak behind him And I'm like oh damn, what do I say? This is so embarrassing, what are we gonna do then I kinda shriek and call out his name, she comes around thinking like something happened to him She sees this big poo streak on her white carpet, she freaks out, she gets mad at him, she throws him, not throws him, but takes him into her room, closes the door, and she looks at me and then starts laughing, like what else can you do at that point? And together we end up cleaning the poop on the floor Now this is one of the main reasons why I consider this one of the best dates ever, cause it's so untraditional, it's so unexpected, we share this embarrassing yet intimate yet memorable moment together

And see, that's to me what defines a great date We were so comfortable with each other that we're able to clean poop off the floor together So after we clean it off, we go out onto the porch, and we sit there, not even talking, we reached a stage already, just after four or five hours together where we were comfortable in silence and we watched the sun set The ice cubes in the drink were rattling against the plastic cups And I noticed her scratching her back

And I realized that her tattoo was flaking and so I asked if she wanted me to put ointment on it And she says, "yes please," so we go inside, she lays down on the couch, lifts up her shirt, and I very carefully rub ointment across her back and tattoo, in a completely non-sexual way, in this very, very, very intimate and vulnerable and touching and loving moment, I didn't see her as some object, I wasn't like trying to seduce her any way, it was just so comfortable, like we had already been together for so long Turns out that on the first night, I end up sleeping at her place We didn't have sex, it wasn't sexual in any sort of way, it was just two loving people being with each other and not wanting the night to end We both refused to end the night, we couldn't end the night

We wanted to continue it as much as possible So the next morning I get up, my hair's a mess, we had been cuddled for literally all night I had my hand wrapped around her all night, so much so that my right arm was completely numb, and I woke up and I'm like hitting myself to try to make it less numb She looks at me and starts laughing, like what is this idiot doing, he's hitting himself I explained to her that my arm was numb, and we get up, we have breakfast, and I leave

And as I'm driving back, still a little groggy but replaying in my mind what occurred that night, the previous night, how amazing and beautiful and just right it felt, cause that's ultimately what defines a great date when things just are right When it doesn't matter what you're doing, cleaning poop or having a conversation or just sitting there in silence And I just pick up my phone and I text her, said what are you doing, I didn't even say that I said would you go out on Valentines with me? She didn't respond right away, which made me a little anxious, I thought I was being forward with her I thought that would turn her off

So right before I get home, she texts me back, was just a y, for yes So I immediately pull into a Walgreens, I get out of my car, I spin my keys, put em in my car cause I'm like oh, I'm in a good place, someone wants me, I'm gonna have a valentine, and I walk in the doors, and I head immediately for the cleaning aisle I'm walking down the cleaning aisle past the cleaners and I stop and turn and pick up a dust pan The dust pan that she didn't have when she was on the train, and when I go home, I write down with a sharpie on that dust pan, everything that I can remember about that night Every detail

I cover this dust pan in memories, memories of us being together on our first date So I end up giving her that dust pan on Valentines Day over a beautiful dinner, it was quite magical when she opened it and started reading it, had tears in her eyes, people were looking at her like why does she have a dust pan? That's really weird, but it's a thing, that one thing that we held that no one else held, you had to find in so many ways that perfect first date Thank you so much for watching everyone I hope you enjoyed that story, one of the best dates I've ever been on If you're new to my channel, please hit that subscribe button

I tell stories every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday Don't forget to leave a comment below I would love to hear about the best date you've ever been on, and as always, as I do in every video, I just gotta say it, I just do I love you, I love you, I absolutely without question love you, and your existence matters It does

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