What Manners Do’s and Don’ts to Have on a Date

Hello again, it's tip number eight All right, if you have been watching these they have all been kind of about you, and kind of about, well just go back and watch them

Today, I was actually speaking with a group of women and we were talking about some of the frustrations about dating and somebody just brought up randomly, more so to be funny, regarding poor manners Day eight is about poor manners What was really interesting to me and the reason I made tip number eight and day eight about manners wasn't because one person complained about manners All of a sudden, as soon as that one person made it okay to talk about this, I started finding out that every women in this room had been on dates where particularly the guys have been horrible regarding manners Now this doesn't mean that every guy they have been on dates with have been horrible, but there was clearly a problem where these men clearly do not have manners

To be honest with you, I have been on a couple of dates where I've experienced some women that don't have great manners either I am baffled that I even have to make this a tip, maybe I was blessed growing up in a world where the whip was kind of cracked regarding these rules of manners, but here's a couple that I am going to throw your way that you really shouldn't do period Because they are freaking disgusting and to be honest, if I was a woman I would smack you in the face and leave immediately, as soon as it happened But, you know, not everybody is as abrasive as I am So manner number 1, do not burp on a date

You are an idiot if you burp on a date It is disgusting, nobody cares, man or women Don't do it It is gross Manner number two, chewing with your mouth open

Uhh, let's see Tell me how you feel about this Did you ever learn the tip about opening bananas from the bottom? So funny, food hack in the middle of the tip So here you go, (chewing noises) Mmmmnaammm nam

Who want's to watch that shit? Knock it off, it is disgusting Let me finish chewing As I am speaking of manners (chuckles) People, don't chew with your mouth full of food, it is gross If you are with somebody who chews with their mouth full of food and you are on a date, just get up and leave, who gives a shit

Leave him with the bill, they don't have manners Then when they ask you why they left, or why you left, tell them and send them off to a school where they can learn some manners There are all kinds of other things, there are some obvious ones like passing gas, farting, all that stuff I'm just blown away at the stories that I heard If it is an accident, and accidental burb, ha ha, funny

Apologize, yada, yada I don't think we are talking about accidents here, in these particular cases So if you have any comments regarding your stories and the kind of weird, nasty manners that you have seen, post them below I want a list of things that people have done on your date so that people can see a list of things what not to do, alright You guys are awesome

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Dating Conversations

Dating Conversations