How To Impress Indian Girls On Your First Date

First Date Tips For Men: Here Is How To Impress A Woman On First Date: One of my students followed the advised on "Lead Your Love" He approached a beautiful woman and got her phone number He was ready to set up a date with her but he did not want to mess up ON HIS FIRST DATE

He is a smart guy Hence, he asked me few tips on how to take it forward I gave him a few tips and now he made her his GF Now I Am Going To Give Those Tips To You: Remember, you will never get a second chance to attract the woman if you mess up on your first date Hence, what to say and how to behave on the first date is so vital

At the same time, "I do not want to mess up with her attitude" Too careful and behave very reserved, it will spoil the excitement Pay attention to yourself Maintain good hygieneo yourself Women pay attention to very small details, it is the nature Pay close attention to your grooming

Groom yourself like a man and pay attention to any body odor, get rid of it Wear a good dress that resembles your personality, if you are a guy who likes to wear jeans, go for that if you are a guy who likes to wear formals, go for that You don’t need to change your style of the sake of her Make sure your clothes fits well on your body Never convey neediness or express that you BADLY NEED HER

Make it clear to the woman that you have other things to do in life, in other words, I have a great life and celebrating it, I am just checking out whether I can take you in my life Do not tell that; just communicate through your body language and personality The first date is not a formal job interview or a press conference or formal marriage process Unfortunately, most guys behave in a boring, predictable way Hence they make first dates BORING So, their WOMEN get BORED So, don’t ask boring questions: What are your hobbies? What do you for a living? Do you think we are a good match? How do you think this particular date is going? Do you like me? "Five Things Women Hate In Men", being predictable and boring is an INSTANT INTEREST KILLER So instead, have a conversation that has interest, curiosity, and suspense and myterious

Whenever you have these elements in conversation these will spark attraction at an unconscious level she feels that you are the “one in million guys she is looking for” if you become her boyfriend So, if she gets that feeling, she will chase you Understand Sexual Psychology Of Men And Women Is Different The primary thing you need to understand is Women are seduced differently than the man A Man will be seduced by a woman’s physical beauty whereas a woman is drastically different and more complex when it comes to sexual psychology

She can’t go with a man based on his looks because the One of the KEY difference between the sexual psychology of men and women women are more emotional than men Men are more visual than women That means the men will get attract to the physical beauty of a woman whereas women will get attracted to the feelings and emotions they had with the man Men are more attracted how appealing the curves are beneath the tight fitting dress

Women, however, are in quite concerned with things like how you behave in different circumstances and make her Feel Emotionally Connected So, project your personality and certainty that is congruent to whom you are If you are not congruent, she will sense early

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Dating Conversations



Dating Conversations

Dating Conversations