Bad Dates: Valentine’s Day – Episode 6

Hi, are you Daniel? Oh wow! Yes! Sorry I'm Amanda Amanda? Yes

Yes, I am Daniel Sorry, you're so beautiful Oh, um

Thank you I was a little bit taken aback Sorry, hi there

Nice to meet you Lovely to meet you, too Erm, a really nice guy, very attractive, very charismatic, and really easy to talk to, yeah Have you you've not been waiting too long, have you? No, not long at all Oh good, good I really like your top Oh thanks

Erm Such a great fashion sense Anyway, thank you

I mean Sorry, compliments make me feel a little bit awkward I've got a joke

Oh, OK, yes How much do polar bears weigh? I don't know Daniel How much do Polar bears weigh? I don't know It's enough to break the ice I've actually never heard that one before

I think you're the first person who's ever laughed at it I had a really nice time, and it felt like he did too I feel like we had quite a lot in common There was a lot of common ground, and he totally made me laugh He was really funny

So tell me a little bit about yourself Do you have any hobbies? Erm, I do, I do I'm quite active I quite enjoy sports, not necessarily sitting around and watching I like to get involved

Oh Yes What sports? Quite a few, but rugby's probably my main passion You're kidding No, do you

It's my favourite Really? Yeah I mean, I'm more of a watcher, but

Are you? Yeah Well, I'm sure I can you know, persuade you What to get involved? I played rugby at school, really enjoyed it And I wouldn't mind showing you a thing or two Oh some of the moves One-on-one rugby game Yeah

Very cheeky Why not, why not, I mean if you're interested? I'm 100 percent interested Well it did because yeah, we kind of The time really just ran away with us, and he just seems like a really a genuine guy Yeah, it was really fun

It's yeah, it's really inspiring It's brilliant Yeah It's so refreshing to meet someone who's actually doing something they really care about Yeah, but you care about your job

Oh yeah, but it's not like yours Oh your phone's going off Please, please That's OK, no, no Oh no, it's no bother

Answer it, I don't I wouldn't dream of answering my phone I'm here with you, like I don't need to, it's fine

Ah, that's made me so happy The number of dates I've been on where people are just on their phone every Really? I just don't see the point

Yeah, I totally agree Stay at home Agreed, totally agreed Erm, shall we get a coffee? Yes, let's ooh, here it is Hmm You've actually got a bit of erm like not a full milk moustache, but a little, just a little Oh I haven't, have I? Sorry No, it's the other side Where? I'll just Oh Ah Thanks Um Yeah, I think so I certainly hope so

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Dating Conversations



Dating Conversations

Dating Conversations