Best Romantic Date Ideas in Los Angeles, California

It's Valentine's Day, which means that you're like us, you have no idea what you're doing That's why we're making this video to save you with 10 date ideas of the best spots to go out in LA

This is normally a travel channel, but for this video we're going to show you some spots that we like to go out in our hometown They're good for Valentine's Day, the good date spots any day of the year or if you're just visiting, consider these to be good local spots to spend an evening Let's get started Santa Monica is a super iconic place; it's known all around the world, and the pier is usually where people go Do not do that

Head instead to the Casa del Mar Hotel It's got great vibes, live music and good cocktails For dinner ideas, head to Tar and Roses If you want something a little bit more upscale, check out Misfit, and if you want down-to-earth and absolutely awesome Cha Cha Chicken It's a Caribbean restaurant; it's BY

OB, and they're playing reggae music with jerk chicken It's legit Number two is the Lighthouse Cafe in Hermosa Beach This is inspired by the movie La La Land; it's the main character Sebastian's favorite hangout spot, a jazz bar

It does exist This is the place to go if you're both old souls It's been a jazz club since the days of Jack Kerouac and the Beat Generation, and it's a really cool spot to watch the sunset right on the pier For dinner there's Hook and Plough Gastro Club, which is right around the corner from the Jazz Club It's a nice little compact night "clubs and pubs" and jazz all night long

Next up: make sure that you subscribe to Vagabrothers We make videos every week, and you should turn on notifications if you're already subscribed Sawtelle If you and your significant other are both foodies, this is the spot to go Little Osaka It's a stretch, about a block or two that is full of amazing Japanese restaurants We recommend to Tsujita Ramen House So good, honestly has one of the best ramens in the world and definitely one of the best ramens here in Los Angeles After ramen grab some boba, and then there's Blockheads around the corner, which is that shaved ice cream If you're not feeling ramen, there's actually a

my original date spot from UCLA was the sushi place with the conveyor belt It was like $2

50 for a plate of sushi back in the day, and it was edible I'm not sure how much it costs now, but it's still a good spot Geez, that is the worst date It's great "Hey, Babe

It's only $250 for an all-you-can-eat sushi buffet" If it's sashimi, there are two pieces; if it's California roll, you get six but it's all the same price, and it's pretty easy on the wallet for the cheapskates out there Next up; we have LACMA This is the cultured option if you want to go to a museum LACMA always has great exhibitions It does close early though, so check the time Sometimes 7 or even 5 p

m, I believe But if it is closed, there are the big light sculptures; you can take a selfie together, which is super original so original so original , and then you can head down the street to Little Ethiopia for dinner Ethiopian food is great because it's cheap, and it's also a litmus test for most dates if you're early in a relationship If your date cannot handle eating with their hands, I know personally, that is my way of knowing whether a girl is compatible with me

Remember to wash your hands both before and after Ethiopian food You eat with your hands, and there are lots of peppers, so wash your hands, especially afterwards If you're going to get romantic, wash them twice Yep, don't want that hot spices in thereno, no, no, no Next up is the Art District If you like your art a little bit more edgy, head to the Art District in downtown

There's a ton of galleries ; there's street art everywhere Get started at Hauser Wirth & Schimmel It sounds like it's in Berlin, but it isn't Next: sample some beer at the Arts District Brewing Company and grab dinner at the Factory Kitchen, which is an Italian restaurant in an old factory building Next up is West Hollywood The Laugh Factory on Sunset Boulevard is a great place to take a date

I've done this many times It's 17 bucks to get in It's a two-drink minimum You come away for 30 bucks a person, maybe a bit more Just do not sit in the front row

Let me repeat do not sit in the front-row because they make fun of you and your date, and they ask her they're always like, "What is this loser doing with you?" Then she starts to think about it, really What am I doing with him? I know, it's bad There're shows are at eight o'clock

I know there are shows at 10 and also midnight You can catch dinner beforehand Go to Fig and Olive or maybe the Mexican Vegan Eatery Gracias Madre Gracias madre Gracias madre

VamanosNow this one is so close and personal to me I'm kicking myself for telling you If you're going to be in Malibu, head to Malibu Farms

It's this beautiful little restaurant on the end of the pier at Malibu Carrie and I go there all the time, and if you really want to treat somebody, head up the coast on the PCH to Geoffrey's They do an amazing brunch and dinner It's a beautiful restaurant overlooking the ocean and I'm sorry, Carrie, for giving away our best spot For our neighborhood Venice Beach, we recommend a classic and trendy combination here, which is going to the canals, obviously, classic spot

very romantic, very romantic especially if you go here in December when they have all the holiday lights out After you do the walk along the canals, you can go over to Abbot Kinney The most popular spot is Gjelina It's always got a line

You can brave that line if you want to, but you need to make reservations two weeks in advance If you put your name down, go down the street to The Brig, get a couple cocktails and wait for your name to get called They'll text you Otherwise, you can go to other spots like a Butcher's Daughter, and then of course for dessert, you've got Salt & Straw, best ice cream in Los Angeles It's right there on the corner of California and Abbott Kinney

Last but not least, Silverlake, East LA's coolest neighborhood First and foremost, grab a cocktail at Bar Stella You can eat there, but the cocktails are really where it's at It can get crowded Be prepared to kind of nudge your way up the bar, but definitely worth it

They have an amazing Mezcal cocktail that will burn your mouth and your soul There's a ton of food options: they have Berlin curry wurst, which is great for on the cheaper side If you want to sit down, there's Silverlake Ramen It's not as good as Tsujita, in my opinion, but it's still really good trendy spot And wrap it all up by driving up to Griffith Park Observatory where you get one of the best views of the city and get a little bit of romantic stuff going on up there, made famous by Rebel Without a Cause and James Dean way back in the day

If you enjoyed this video, share with your other friends who are looking for some inspiration and tell your girlfriend that it was your idea We'll give you all the credit If you enjoyed this, stay curious, keep exploring, and we'll see you guys on the road Peace

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