Couples Who Met Online Revisit Their First Conversations

(light music) – I describe it to my friends and stuff It's like a freaky Tinderella story and it's never- I never believe in that fucking bullshit

(light music) – His username was pensivehumor (laughs) (light music) – When we first started talking, I didn't have any romantic interest in Matt I actually was just really- – Thanks – I didn't (light music) – Pat's profile was very creative He listed himself almost like an apartment

– I think your profile and the way that you represented yourself, I was surprised how easy going and laid back you were – This guy looks and sounds normal and then all of a sudden you go to the end, he's like a creep on this little Asian girl I almost didn't go on a date with you – I don't know I thought I looked good in the photo

I really didn't see the nipple until after posting it – Yeah, you look like you're cold – We were about to start college together The profile picture drew me in immediately I think you were in Central Park

– You, it was like your senior picture – It was my senior picture – He looked really cute but I think you were doing that fake lean I was like, oh this is kind of cute (light music) – I was like, it's easier just if you texted me so I gave him my number immediately and then we were off

– She was such an easy Tinder (laughing) I go, hey it's Mallory Looking forward to Monday – [both] Smiley face – Sweet, yeah I can't wait

I'll be putting my thinking cap on for a good place Let me know if you come across something interesting, too Have a good day (laughing) Exclamation point – You were such a nice little goober

– Hey there Was totally going to crack some joke about catching grapes in my mouth but then I thought, hold on that seems way too sexual for the first message and then instead of writing you a witty opening line, I decided it was a better idea to compose my inner monologue to you and now we both know why I'm on this damn site – She responded, hahaha hi Perfect first message by the way A bit weird but way better than a lot of the fair that you get

– So this is like the day of the date I said, I just got here but I'm listening to serial in the car – Hahaha (laughing) What is that? I'm in my car listening to Chiddy Bang – And then I said, I have to pee

(laughing) – And that's when I met the real Mallory – Hi Allyson, I saw you're in COM Way to go with print journalism I'm really interested in that, too Wow that sounds so archaic

What other interests slash hobbies do you have? What has your Summer consisted of? – He's like interviewing me Hey Matt I love watching movies, going for early morning bike rides, going to the beach, playing with my dog, Russell Crowe of course – The way I phrased things sounds really funny It's like I'm trying really hard to be impressive

– It's weird I wasn't weirded out by all the information he knew about me – The third hang out I text again Hey Any plans tonight? – I'm about to do a hike in the OC Tinder date

I can grab you- – What? (laughing) What the fuck? I didn't know that Ew, bitch (light music) – I had high hopes for her Online dating is a way to kind of cut through the clutter And then I found you

– Looking back on it, I had so many Tinder failures and I think the moment I met Mallory, I was like wow, this could be finally someone I can see something with – We really did connect quickly and established a really good friendship and to see the way that that's evolved in the ten years since those messages took place And that friendship has formed something that's become I think the greatest relationship either of us is ever going to end up having so that's really special – I'm glad he stalked me on Facebook, too – Join Tinder

– Yeah – It'll bring you lots of joy And maybe a lot of sex, too I don't know (laughing) – Lots of good sex

– It brought us some good sex But us is good Us is good – Continue good sex

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Dating Conversations



Dating Conversations

Dating Conversations