Date Night Makeup – Do’s and Don’ts – Part 1

Hi guys, it's Aura and welcome to LOV cosmetics' YouTube channel Today I'm going to be doing this dual look Where you get to see the do's and the don'ts and I actually Was inspired to create this look when my friend told me that she's gonna set me up with one of her best friends So, you know first impression counts I don't want the guy to be like all scared when he sees me without makeup – so this side is gonna be more natural This side is more like, you know if they do It gets to that point he wakes up and like oh Chewbacca next to him

Nah We don't want that So if you want to see more of this just stay tuned and let's get started First of all, I'm gonna start by using a primer and for my do side, which is this one I'm gonna start by using the PERFECTitude anti redness primer, and this will give me a more even tone in my skin because I have a little redness so I'm just gonna dab A little on my face I like always to blend it in on my hand wait for a little and then just start to dab Press it in that's actually the best technique instead of You know going in circle – in circular motions because you're actually gonna make your head – your skin more red With that done, I'm gonna move on to my don't side For that I'm gonna be using the mattifying primer This is a mattifying primer It's blurring and it's oil-free So even if I have dry skin I can still use it However, this is gonna take away the shine and the glow Which, you know can work against me if I want that glowing and beautiful look and if you don't moisterize your face it's actually gonna make it look really dry and it can actually Look cakey you want to avoid that Next step is foundation

And for that I'm gonna be using my favorite LOV Cosmetics foundation and that is the EVENelixir foundation this foundation is a serum foundation and It gives you a very luminous and natural look and that's what we want to achieve We want to look natural Just make it Some drops and Then start to blend – as I have said before I love to use my fingers for that because it gives you a more natural look It's like a Beauty Blender, but it's for free You see this is what we want to achieve It looks like skin and it's so natural and by pressing you're also preventing From more texture and and evenness to come up So if you have any pimples or Any pores it's not going to look as visible if you just press the foundation down Here I have a little too much we don't want any patches so just drag drag Oh, I love this – it's so nice And you can see I kind of get the glass skin look and it's just Like natural highlighter all over my face I'm gonna be using LOVtime foundation in number 10 in ivory For next side I'm gonna be using an oil-free foundation and it's a high coverage Foundation so it's gonna give me way more coverage and not gonna be the glass skin effect that I have on my other side Still pretty but of course I'm gonna be covering way more my skin if you still want to go for a high coverage This would be the look that you want to achieve However, since I want to go all in – I'm gonna apply even more because you're covered more It doesn't mean that your skin is really gonna look more healthy Can actually be the opposite I have some beauty marks, but girl is not gonna get to see those so I'm gonna cover them Because we want like the Instagram look on this side and then the forehead see this Gone, they're gonna be gone you might think that this looks glowy but for a high coverage foundation usually next step would be to bake and I usually say to some people if you're gonna bake don't always bake your face You can go and bake cookies or something else, but your face is not always the best option Next it's concealer and for that you wanna look a little more healthy It's gonna brighten your eyes, but remember to not use a too light shade I see a lot of people that you know, we all have done that I am guilty of that that we put this huge triangle under our face and suddenly it looks white Therefore I'm gonna be using the more peachy tone Which is gonna give me a more natural look and it's also even better for correcting – like dark circles So it's gonna look so much prettier, but also very very natural and for that I'm using my favorite LOV EFFECTful Concealer It's so beautiful because it has the cushion Just press the little and apply just a little to just cover if you have any dark circles Or if you just want to give the more fresh look and just dab dab, dab dab And remember always press it in – if you start to rub it's gonna get into your eyes And it's not gonna look pretty at all Next on my other side I'm gonna be using the light shade and that's gonna give me that very highlighted a little unnatural look It's still pretty but of course it takes so much more to warm up my face afterwards And this one is just a lighter shade So it is exactly the same product just in a lighter shade I'm gonna be way more generous You can just see how much my face kind of changes the perspective and the look of it it just becomes kind of wider and it just You know it reflects more For this side

I'm gonna have to bake it I'm going to have to put a little translucent powder and You're gonna see the different effects of using translucent powder but on different ways for that I'm gonna be using my PERFECTitude So even though this is a powder it's still gonna give you an airy touch for my do side I'm gonna be applying a little less of the product and just gonna do very very Gentle circular motions to kind of just set the foundation a little But I don't need as much powder And also here under the eye so our concealer doesn't grease And especially here in the corners of our nose because it's usually here where we get a little more oily That you – we want to prevent that so Just dab dab dab So I'm gonna start by baking my eye – and this is basically let you Put so much powder here And why people do this is basically just to take out the excess like water just to mattify it So you just leave it in for some seconds – like that You see it also gives me an even more highlighted effect which can be nice but also very dramatic You don't want to bring drama to the table already on the first date We start to see already a difference right Now my favorite part where we start to actually warm up the face and I'm gonna be using the GLOWrious palette in a lighter shade Rose addiction and it's gonna give you this warm like nice look like you've been to Tahiti or Brazil Without you know getting red and all Burnt – like I would get if I go on vacation We're gonna start by using this and then I'm gonna use this highlighter and on top a little of this So when I use bronzer I like to work like in a three so we go from above to our cheeks and down use a little on my neck And of course on the nose as well – and remember to blend So, I guess you know what we're doing on the next side – on the next side we're gonna continue with the Kim Kardashian Full coverage Contour for that we're gonna be using the CONTOURious palette So use a flat brush and I'm gonna be doing this by purpose that I'm gonna put my contour a little too low and That's something that we can – you know do by mistake The right way to do is actually to apply your brush Up here and then you can follow it – the guideline, so it should be more upwards than downwards Here we're gonna go all in This is taking me back to 2007 Also another mistake as you are seeing here is that I'm going too close to my mouth it's gonna give me a very strong look but Not what I want to achieve I also like to blend a lot, but we're gonna give it Like a go and not blend too much So it's gonna be more sharp And to create an even more powerful effect of it We put the light one here And then as I said blush my cheekbone and then continue a little up Start to look like a doll from the 20s here

It looks basically like I'm Like a fish here – and then we want to create this very sharp jawline We can get that jaw that we always wanted But just some put in some powder here Wow Do you see the difference? Next highlighter My favorite favorite favorite to give that glow, you know Nobody is gonna not notice you – you're gonna enter and become the star of their whole room And for that I'm gonna be using the GLOWrious palette So I'm gonna be adding this one as a base and then to make it more Like – a little more dramatic a little more visible I'm gonna be adding the middle highlighter, which is gonna give that really big nice and pop effect So I like to always work with the highest point That's where you have to stroke Kind of make it, you know look really nice and glowy and Not look like you know you're sweating and have been in the Marathon, and then I'm gonna be using a smaller brush to Work with the metallic highlighter – why I use a smaller brush is because it's gonna give it more like a Nice and pigmented look than if I would use a bigger brush So it's gonna be easier to apply it on this – on the part that I really want I also like to work a little on my brow arch – it elevates my eyes that makes it pop out a little more You know when you're gonna wink and then a little here One the nose and just Tiny tiny tiny tiny little here In the highest point, not too much You don't wanna make him wider because of course then your nose is gonna look like So much broader – so remember light Expands Darkness minimizes creates depth – and next we're gonna go all crazy on this side For that I'm gonna be using I think one of the best inventions when it comes to highlighter and it's this HOLOGRAPHIC Amazing look it's gonna make my cheekbones look like they're pink They're green All tones – this look I'm gonna be using the peach prism because it goes like nicer with a blush that I have used This is disco – this is party Looks more like I'm going to Pride Festival than a date You can also put a little here in the middle – so when you turn It gives you that sensation

Wow This really makes my cheek pop up Saturday night life Maybe you know, I'm gonna use the green as well Such a nice combination You're gonna see how I'm gonna change the appearance of my nose, by using too much highlighter Then I see this a lot And then here on the inner corner Everything pops, my nose looks like this long maybe I don't know What do you guys think? Now let's move to brows – because I think I'm looking all glamorous now we need to get these babes done So for my brows I'm gonna be using the BROWttitude palette and this is a really nice product because it has powder and also wax and other components I like to start by – with pomade Add a little here This kind of gives some color to my brow – and you see that it really looks very natural wow I'm always a little afraid sometimes I'm using pomades – because they can be a little hard to work with especially if you're a beginner Because they make the brows look really really strong And what is cool is also that it has two different brow powders So you can kind of create this nice amber look so that they look even more natural I'm gonna take the lighter Shade here – to my like at the beginning of the brow and just kind of draw upwards So my hairs – they have the tendency to kind of make the sad face like they Wanna go down, so for that I'm gonna be using the fixing wax So the fixing wax you can either take with a finger but I think the best way is to actually take it With a brush so you can just take a little Just be careful to not take too much powder because otherwise they're gonna become patchy and they're gonna kind of, you know become flat when you've got the shape that you want, then you can go on to even define it even more by using the highlighter and I Like, I'm addicted to this because basically that's gonna make a major major difference For the shape of your brow – it's gonna make it look Really really nice and even more defined even if you are a little messy or you know You know have some trouble like here this brow likes to go up a little higher up so I can really make that more sharp Without looking too thick for my other brow I'm gonna be using the BROWttitude and that is gonna give you know, it's really nice because it's natural But you can also make really really bold brows And with this, you know you can make the natural brow but Now on this eye we're gonna go all in Because I want Cara Delevingne brows We don't want any more Aura We want Cara – we want to impress Then I'm gonna do the concealer You see suddenly I have too much product – then you start going all over Yeah, you can use it as a primer but it's not gonna be the same You can see my brow is infinite – it just continues and just goes away ooh Do I look like Cara

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