Dating Rules From My Future Self S01 E03 – Türkçe Altyazılı

Normally, the pigeon shit must slip off the wall It's against gravity

Have you ever thought, one day you can correct this by realizing your potential the games I invented evolve and change, self-directed If the robot turns into a lordship? No, why would it? My stupidity

Okay Why are you so quiet? I was just thinking, well, the other day Do you remember the application I was talking about? Improved magic number 8 ball

Yeah, there was potential Do you think like that? Because I was thinking is not an application that sends messages into the future Sending a message into the past is a how do we develop applications? OK fine – "We'll text you later," instead of "We'll text you first" – Exactly – That would be great

In high school, he texted me, "Don't put so much jelly" "People don't call you" Spunk "because you're charismatic Right Yeah, it would Nice idea

But, that's not possible, is it? Steve Jobs, "Those who really can change the world, do this they're crazy enough to think you can " Do you think I'm crazy? I don't think he got the message I'm saying you can be anything you want to be Including being crazy

I had no idea weddings could be so different For example, "State Fair" wedding What is this? I think, the ferris wheel, the pig contest and fried wedding cake I understand

"Didn't he pick the four season wedding?" – What's "Wedding Day of the Dead"? "I canceled, she cried Go away!" You were kidding, right? I mean, it looks terrible Hello Kitty was a joke, right? It was ironic Come on "You can fool yourself, but you'll never see me

So again," – Yes, ironically Look, I'm glad you're excited about these things And some of your ideas are great Which ones? Well, I thought I do not know

The "Four Seasons" wedding is more suitable for us Don't you think so? On the beach Doesn't that sound good? Not barefoot Because of the sand between my fingers I don't want my attention distracted

"Ten years later, ask me where you saw it" – "Leave me alone" – "Ask him and I'il disappear" How about you? Lucy? Four season, right? Where do you see us in ten years? We're still planning our wedding I'm serious We'il have a house And a child, or three

I'il be my own company What about me? You're gonna be with me And you'il still be beautiful Even more beautiful, because you'll be ripe So I'm gonna be old

No, I didn't mean old I mean more advanced Like, you take the basket off your bike Or get rid of the bike completely And when you do, you can't put your hands in your pockets

I don't know, I mean, this much more What's that so much? Well, I mean, you can't be childish Did you understand? What does that mean? Nothing

I mean She'il look at how you're doing today, and you realize you haven't exactly grown up Then why do you want to marry me? Because I love you Besides, I'm a project manager and I like projects

Lucy, what happened? I am kidding No, you're not I thought I loved you But what you make me feel about myself and my ideas Absolutely awful

No wedding We're not there either Lucy Hey, Lucy <i> "Ladies and gentlemen

" </ i> <i> "One move to win, no moves at all" </ i> <i> "How about a hand chess?" </ i> Hi, Luce You remember Jagger No Watching "War Games"? Yeah, it's Brendan's favorite movie

Jagger's favorite movie I love it because war is not a game But in this film His brains took off so he could breathe What's your face? Nothing

I always cry here in the movie What a lonely computer You know what, honey? I think it's time to go Come on – Really? – Yeah

You might need your clothes We talk later Goodnight Good night baby Luce, what's wrong? I canceled the wedding

Really? – Finally, thank God – You did the right thing Wait, what? Yeah Brendan was some kind of hick Of the highest quality variety

Yeah, and he didn't treat you with respect And every word that came out of her mouth smelled like a piss Yeah Why didn't you tell me when I was engaged? I mean, I asked you Amanda stopped me

Because it was an agreement everyone knew And I wanted to be supportive I think I understand But I was so confused I really needed you

Please help me next time, okay? We will To be honest, I'd like to say I hate Jagger, by the way That's why I love her <i> "Take us to Defcon 5" </ i> <i> – "You were right" – "I know, I'm sorry" </ i> <i> "But you've opened a lot of doors right now" </ i> <i> "So, what do we start by tomorrow?" </ i> Translation: £ NJOY twitter


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Dating Conversations



Dating Conversations

Dating Conversations