Does Size Really Matter in Dating? How Long Should Your Online Dating Profile Be?

What I want for your profile is length I used to recommend three to five paragraphs

What I've seen these days, I say paragraphs I don't mean two sentences I mean a block of text like five sentences If it's at least five to seven sentences it could be three to five paragraphs If it is like three to five sentences, it needs to be closer to five to seven paragraphs Avoid the two sentence three paragraphs and avoid the college application essay

And I see kind of typically those two extremes of where the people are now kind of relying on Each of the websites varies a little bit Like Match

com and EHamony these days have a lot of whatever is the hobby or the interest you have, they both have the name of it [the hobby], and they have like a iStockphoto picture to give you a shorthand of what it is So is that baseball and it's not even actually like a professional baseball player picture but it's like so it's like some guy and some nebulous you know generic baseball uniform with you know a bat And that's supposed to do, and it helps emotionally the subconscious mind to like think of all the feelings of baseball However, what's happening is, people are then kind of leaving it to that's it That's all I have to say

Maybe like one sentence underneath that thing Like that's enough for me and what I'm going to say about "What I like about baseball" And what happens with that is it ends up feeling like you've got three sentences for what's your profile and everything else is kind of disjointed So I'm generally recommend you first really focus on writing a great profile and then whatever your hobbies and interest that you click off or tick off or whatever Some of them [the dating sites and singles apps] have where you write a comment, you write a paragraph, write a sentence underneath it

You might do that also You might not because it's really already covered in your profile What I want you to cover your profile

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Dating Conversations

Dating Conversations