Most Romantic Dinners In Myrtle Beach

Hey guys it's Jeremy Blanton with RE/MAX Southern Shores and I'm here with another 2 minute Tuesday where this week we are going to discuss 5 top places take your date for a romantic dinner Let's get started

Ok, so Valentines Day is just a few weeks away and I figured it was time for me to put together a list of the top 5 romantic places to go for a dinner date So I asked on Facebook my friends where are the most romantic places to go in Myrtle Beach and are the top five places Let's put 2 minutes on the timer and let's get started #5 Thoroughbreds Restaurant I've been to this restaurant several times myself, in fact, I've gone to weddings receptions there

It's a great romantic place where they have very quaint settings, amazing food, and awesome steaks So check that one out #4 Frank's Outback down in Pawleys Island I've never been there, but from everyone who responded to the question, they said Frank's is an amazing place that you should go check out, so definitely go give that one a test, and I will soon as well #3 New York Prime Steakhouse

I've heard this is a great amazing romantic place to go take your date and have some amazing food I'm going to definitely try the extra thick bacon when I go #2 The Library The library used to be located in downtown Myrtle Beach right near where the Pavilion was However they just recently moved about 55 avenues north up in Myrtle Beach into a brand new location

I had a lot of people who responded saying the new location is amazing it's quaint, and a very romantic place to take your date #1 and by a huge margin I might add, The Melting Pot Where else can you go and have a romantic date in a private booth with your special someone where you can share together, sit side by side and create your own magical meal from the cheese dip fondue to start to the main entree, to the chocolate dessert fondues, it is probably the most romantic place on the beach So if you are looking for a great place to go, check this one out for sure

Alright guys, so that's the five most romantic places here on the beach, hopefully I did it in under 2 minutes today If you want to learn about other romantic places, go over to my website, I'm going to put a link below and you can check out all the other restaurants that made it onto the list If you enjoyed this video, give it a thumbs up and make sure to share it with others Talk to you later, buh-bye!

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