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texting you back That's when you decide to settle down? Welcome back to my channel, this is TOLANI BAJ Tayo, Ayo, Funke TESTING!!!!!! INTERNSHIP!!!!! Bro, you will waste my time for 6 months? It depends on the pace of the relationship too

We're talking everyday! You're calling me after work everyday You should come prepared Your resume should be POPPING Some things come natural and some things don't IF A GUY SAYS HE'S NOT READY FOR A RELATIONSHIP, DOES THAT MEAN HE DOES NOT LIKE YOU? So why are you not ready? So why are you now talking to me? Ask you what? Did you ask before? Is the guy psychic? Why are you believing? That means they don't like you! NOOOOOO They don't like you sha You've giving them the information for them to decide giving them the information for them to decide That's pretty much what it is Women always say clarity is key You've said, right now I don't want or I'm not ready for a relationship No one is holding you And so? The earth has attraction to you, does that mean you can't leave this place at anytime? Women are trash

No, no, no women are not trash Men are scum I just think that is wickedness Why would you make me like you? If you know that you don't want to be with me I took my chance and then I got ELA!!! What I am trying to say is, if you like me; you will want to date me One causes of situation actually because I in the system to like girls Complications people do intend to catch feelings So it's either you know they start having sex and that one person catches the field Oh, you know It just isn't sure Jessup is complicated in the sense that just a sight of What to expect is like these not knew what to expect or your? Expectations because you haven't given it the proper definition of what you guys are doing it correctly Because It starts one day I Just like from the Because This must to me Despite three weeks ever met so on I would have tried to be texting or calling her every day already yeah No matter what – three months Boy those that think about how they belong to boys I mean consider again recycle be Thank you guys for watching and we'll see you guys in our next video Bye

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Dating Conversations



Dating Conversations

Dating Conversations