Valentine’s day gone wrong

Yo we are Challenge Squad I am Camiel, Siel, Roel, Koen Today we are going to have a new challenge

10 things that you dont want to do on your first date Dont let the waiter take your girlfriend This one is for you! and this one is for you! Dont run off with an other girl Sorry I have to go for a moment Hi darling O hey are you ok? Dont give to much presents Hey how are you doing it is going well thank you

I have a present for you Only 2 are left in there! Oh yes I am sorry I was very hungry You really give bad presents Behave nice on the date That is mine Dont loose your girlfriend

Hi I am Siel, who are you I am Caja That is a nice name And what do you like to do I like to play soccer and tennis Ecxcuse me for a moment, I have to go to the bathroom Eat proper

Hey waiter can I have some more candy Sir please only one candy per person Can I also have some chocolate Can I have your attention please, you are really not nice and I hate you I am leaving

Dont fall a sleep Waiter can you please take away these glasses Dont just sing any song I am CajaI am Camiel What do you like to do

Uh I like really like the song hop in landingstijl O me too I ment hop in landinstijl You better not curse Dont ask her to marry you right away So what do you like to do

I like you Will you marry me? wow what a nice ring but I dont want to marry you Go to the right restaurant 2 beer please wait , are you gay? Hi this is already the end of the video We made this video because today it is Valentine's day The last scene with the boys beeing rejected from the restaurant was of course not real

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Dating Conversations



Dating Conversations

Dating Conversations