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Welcome back ladies Today as you know is TLC Thursday, and you know what we're going to talk about? Hmmm

Today we're going to go into The Do's and Don'ts of Dating So here at TLC as you know, we focus all about relationships But a lot of you are not in a relationship and and probably out there mingling and in the dating world But what I'm finding is that we are committing some crimes here ladies, and if you're out in the dating world I'm going to get into what to look out for, and what to stop doing So here we go the Do's and Don'ts of Dating

DON'T: Talk about your ex or past relationships "Oh you have a puppy? Oh that totally reminds me of my dog that I had with my ex" If you are going on a date remember that you don't need to get into a soft story about what happened in your past, and what your last relationship was like Your current dating partner does not want to hear that DO: Answer questions honestly, but just keep in mind that you don't have to go in detail

For instance, if the guy you're on a date with asks you "So when was your last relationship?" It's fair to say "Three months, you know, one week ago, one year ago" That's perfectly okay, but you definitely don't need to get into why your past relationship didn't work and how you're feeling with it DO: Talk about yourself DON'T: Talk about yourself in excess "Oh you look like oh my god

I totally like climb Mt Zion, swimming oh I swim every single day You like Jordans? Me too!" So remember, in these dates you're here to get to know another person You guys are here to get to know each other and as nerve-racking a date can be, just remember that you're not going overboard and vomiting all over the place about who you are, what you do, what you like, so much to the point where everything reverts back to you

Remember if you're getting nervous just breathe and get to know this person That is the whole intention of a date DON'T: Drink too much It's perfectly normal to get those nerves and feel a little bit shy on your first date, and the first thing that comes across your mind may be getting a little loose with a few cocktails, but don't get too drunk You don't want this man to see your crazy side just yet

DO: Have a one to two drink minimum I know that we want to loosen up a bit and maybe we have these nerves, and maybe that's the first thing that you want to go to, but give yourself a limit Give yourself enough to loosen up, but still where your coherent, and able to really take in this date Another reason why you don't want to drink too much, is you don't want to get sick in front of your date That's gross

DON'T: Dominate the date ladies "Are you sure you sure you want to order that? Because last time I had that I really didn't like out I mean I'm not sure if you're gonna like it but I really wouldn't recommend you doing that Oh and then oh no after – I don't just complete show you" Again we talked about how uncomfortable first dates are, and it's very natural everyone goes through that, uncomfortable you know time However do not think that you can get over that uncomfortable hump, by choosing your date, where you want to go, what you want to eat, choosing for your partner

If you're dating a man ladies, let him be a man Don't dominate over the date, and/or the conversation Like we said before, we don't want to speak in excess about yourself you want to get to know the person, but sometimes when we get nervous it's only you know normal for us to try to control everything about the date, don't DO: Let the date flow, and get back to your natural energy You know when you take off the control of you know where the date should go, and what expectations you have on the date, you actually allow room for that other person to feel free, and so what you see is once you release that energy then you'll notice that the date actually flows a little bit better

And this is where you can get to know if this date is actually working and if this is something that you want to you know continue, or if it's not DON'T: Talk about marriage or kids on this date "So what do you feel about marriage? When do you want to get married? How many kids do you want to have? Because I'm thinking about like having like two or three, is that good with you?" You're trying to get to know someone ladies and the first thing to ever mention about marriage or kids is probably going to scare off any man They just want to come they're mostly focus on living in the moment, so if you're going there that's what you should be doing too You barely just know his name, so stick with the basics you know what he does, maybe what he loves to do, don't get into where this relationship will be going in the future

DO: Talk about future aspirations with personal goals That's something that's actually a good topic in dates If you're running out of things to say maybe ask a little bit more about what they love to do, or you know what goals are trying to achieve, and you know maybe you'll see some similarities in that, and that's a good actual topic for a date because that's endless but still just remember never ever to throw all your cards on the table of the things that you want intimately with a spouse Again marriage, kids, off the table A big fat no no to end with ladies, is get off your damn cell phone! Seriously

"Oh do you mind taking a picture of me? I mean you can get in it too, but I just want to put this on Instagram" We have so many distractions and it's already nerve-racking to be on a date, but it's so disrespectful also if you have your cell phone, or you're texting someone, or you're on your social media doing a selfie We need to take that off We need to be present with who are on a date with Again this state might be the date from hell, or you may find that this date is something that lasts or jumps you into something beautiful, but you will never know that, unless you're so present with the person that you're spending time with

So like always ladies I'm here every Thursday for TLC Thursday and I really really want you to think about this when you're in the dating world Think about what it is that you're saying that could be scaring off a potential spouse Again, don't think of it as a future husband, or where your dream is going to go If you're dating be present with that person because you're still trying to find out you know who they are, and what you like, and you may date a couple of guys, but if you can stick to these tips I'm sure your dating life will be a success So message me your insights, and like always I'm available for you to comment you know email, social media, whatever it is I'm here for you

I love you ladies, and I'll see you next Thursday

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