Blind Date 2016 Short Romantic Comedy

Do you have a domestic animal? Yes! Gold fish! Gold fish? Yes Gold fish

Big? It means fish is it big? No, not a small aquarium fish And what does she do? hmm, swim Whole day? No, he does not have such a small lock He likes to play in it

Swims up, down, inside and outside Good Yes And you? Are you a lover of animals? No, I do not like begging Do not you like animals? I mean it's okay but you know demanding I live alone, I travel a lot it's not for me I do not travel much but I live alone since my fiancé left me Ah, that's good Excuse me? I thought it was good You do not travel much not that you live alone upper sorry this steak is delicious how does it taste yours? very good yes, carrots are great and the broccoli are crisp do you go here often? I have been here several times Do you like it? Yes, it's nice the music is good yes, it's very melodic yes, melody, I was just going to say it and the piano is hmmm is so

White? so white! And large Italian, full of saturated wine honestly true? It is full of goodness delicious tastes exceptionally good with beef and with carrots is everything OK? everything is great, thank you the steak was delicious thank you, it's very kind of you do you like the view? Oh, beautiful I love the lighted night city thank you or give one more bottle? wine always improves every situation sure, why not Maybe we try another one? what do you want? What do you propose? Maybe you would like to have a vintage 2005 Scarecrow Cabernet Sauvignon bottle This is seductive, powerful, excellent and unimaginably rare wine

excuse me or you prefer the 2003 Domaine de Trevallon Vin de Pays des Bouches du Rhone a wine that has the status of a wine that is a rare compound of Cabernet from Syrah Can I see the wine list? of course bless you bless you Daniel, can I ask you a personal question? Yes of course Do you feel too bad? ask me a personal question Please? Ask me what you want I promise that I will be honest okay do you have any siblings? I told you that I would answer any question Do you want to know if I have siblings? Seriously? I understand I did not know what you mean What color do you have panties? do not wear a panties What? now my turn What? Why? earlier it was your queue, now it's mine It's a game you are afraid of? nothing I am ready how many women have you brought here? be honest because if not I will go out and leave you alone in front of all these people Approx! I know these games I will be honest This is my first time And how do you like it? we agreed one question at a time ok I'm waiting glass in your glasses they're real? No dissolve them your hair ok, psychologist Did you bring a condom with you? I brought oh you swintuchu what do you mean nothing strange you never know Never mind, now it's my turn ok I'm waiting if it was your last day on Earth would you order same? waiter Please, bring us your best dish you are not a rabbit only it is not typical for me to meet someone who will make me feel comfortable in my own skin I would like to be part of you but you know all these rules I think you can overthrow them provided that the intentions come from your heart Your turn if it was your last day on Earth How would you like to end this evening? I could not imagine a better ending But wait a minute Here? Now? in this restaurant? What are you afraid of? is not it exciting? will you get it dry? we will see Sir, please! The wine list you asked for 0hh thank you thank you very much Can I ask you a personal question?

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Dating Conversations



Dating Conversations

Dating Conversations