I'm terrified now, my heart is pounding! Oh my God, it is! Good day! Good day #DOHNATION! Good day! Good day #DOHNATION! I am back in Los Angeles finally, I had an amazing time in Canada It was super nice to be able to get a lot of cinematic stuff in the snow, but it's back to the LA sunny weather

I'm glad I'm finally warm, but I'm gonna miss the cinema in Canada Oh, it was so beautiful! [Flashback] [End of flashback] Nonetheless though, LA has some great cinema opportunities which you are gonna see in this vlog today The plan is to go to Beverly Hills first to kick off the day, and you can already tell from the title of this video that I am taking Rachel out on a date I looked at a lot of comments from the previous vlog and you guys had an amazing list of suggestions for places to take her But several of you guys commented and said I should take her on a helicopter ride over Los Angeles

So that is what I decided on I am super excited for that, later on it's been a while since Rachel's been in the vlog Our schedules just haven't aligned properly I've been travelling; she's been travelling But, nonetheless we're both back in Los Angeles, we are going on the helicopter ride later

It feels good to be home, baby! [screams] Sorry it's a I'm just, I'm super excited for today to be back in Los Angeles You know what? Let's just get the day started! What the hell are you guys doing? Hold on, let me turn, let me get the light

I was reenacting something What were you doing bro? See fans were like "Hey, can I have a picture?" And I was like Yesterday Reenacting how I was taking the picture 'cause it was the first time, so ones come up to me Aha So apparently I was really like [smiles] Oh my God! See, I didn't play it cool but, Mark, I'm back! Welcome! What are we doing today? [inaudible] Yeah, we are I'm going to Beverly Hills Beverly Hills, to get some hyperlapses, timelapses Uuh What else? Get that cinema! Yeah! So you guys didn't think I would say anything, right? Check out this mess! Oh my God! Nothing like coming home to this! This just mess; Mike I though were gonna keep this place clean! It's not my fault! It's Logan! It's Logan? What is going on? I did the bin, I did the bin, I did the bin! What are these water bottles? But, I did see that he cleaned out the closet, check it out! It doesn't look clean but it was much worse, let me tell ya! [song plays: "I'm cleaning out my closet"] Ok, we just got to Beverly Hills and had one of the littest uber rides ever, check this out! [singing and dancing in the car] Take it easy bro, thank you! Stay bless, no problem, man! Homeboy was a 'G'! But now we are gonna get some cinematic stuff in Beverly Hills, we're gonna do some hyperlapses Hyperlapses and timelapses Yeah, we'll show you guys how you do that So I feel like Beverly Hills is every rap song ever, so I'm gonna do a music video Alright, so I came up on this tree 'cause I thought I'd be a cool shot, but, I didn't about getting down, so

, here we go! This is super sketch! There we go! Got it! I'm good! You good? You got it? I'm good! Teamwork makes the dreamwork, baby! [screams] Yo, not gonna lie we gotta pretty flames photo up there! That was pretty good, yeah! It shows you how little us people are in this world, like look how big that tree is! That thing is massive! Oh! Ok guys, so going in that tree we realised how beautiful it was, so we're gonna get a hyperlapse So basically a hyperlapse is a bunch of photos put together to make it look like video, but you take the photos so you can color them better and it has like a stop-motion effect So Mike, you want to explain to them, what we are doing What we are doing

So, we are gonna do a hyperlapse of the tree; so we're gonna choose a line towards the tree and take a photo every step So, what you do is line up the tree and you go: one step, take a photo; two step, take another photo; three step, take another photo And how long does it take for like a three second hyperlapse? It could take up to an hour, or even more So, we'll show you what it looks like, but we've got a quite long wait ahead of us, so So yeah, this shot we are about to show you is probably gonna take us 30 to 45 minutes to do; and it's only like 3 seconds, but it's really cool, so check it out! Ok so we just finished up in Beverly Hills, we are gonna head home, I have to change 'cause going up in that tree I got all dirty and you know I gotta look good for my date But, heading home back to Hollywood now, gonna meet up with Rachel and then go on the helicopter ride I am so stoked! I haven't been on a helicopter ride in a very long time and it's just The cinema is gonna be flames, let's just say! How is it going? Can I get in here? Ok I just got back home Dude! I've been having the littest uber rides, jeez man! We just dancing all over the spot I'm gonna change now like I mentioned before; and then Rachel should be here and we'll take off for the heli Are you ready for the heli, Mike? Yeah, I know I'm ready Am I pointing the camera at you? I think so! Are you in it? I hope! Alright, time to change! K, just got home, Logan

Mark! [Singing] It's been a long day, without you my friend Yo, I see you take the liberty of cleaning up around here! Dude, I got the people bro! I'm becoming an adult Mark! Yeah! I like it! You wouldn't know this adult life! I like it! I like it! Mark! Yo, listen! I'm taking Rachel on a date Yo, are you just broadcasting this to the world? Yeah! [laughs] You understand, if you go down this path Mark, you can never have a personal relationship The people are gonna wanna know when you eat dinner together, when you poop together, when you We don't poop together! Admit you poop together! [laughs] Alright we poop together! You're pouring water on this carpet, what is happening right now? I thought you hired cleaners, he's just pouring water I've never seen someone clean like that, he is pouring water on the stairs! How do we walk downstairs? It's gonna dry in 6 days, we don't have a fan! This is bad, dude! Oh man! Who did you hire? I literally have no idea, manager Jeff set it up for me Shame on you Jeff! Yo, honestly, that might be the weirdest thing ever, I don't know what's happening right now I come home and Logan just got people cleaning the house, staring into our souls Ok, so I got changed, I got this shirt on 'cause is 80 degrees out; These pants, and obviously the white Wait! Do you see? What's that? RACHEL! Hug me brother! You're back! I am! They've missed you! And us! Ah! So cute! Are you excited to go on this helicopter ride? Yeah, I am excited but I am a little bit scared 'cause I am scared of heights Really? Yeah! I wanted to like take a picture hanging you out the window! No It'll be fun, though

Scary! You can hang out It's gonna be beautiful! It's for sunset, it's all for you! Oh my God! So awesome! Alright, let's go! Ok, so we just got to Hangar 21 Helicopters, the sun is perfect right now It's beautiful, the romance is there We're gonna have an amazing time up in the air Here's the helicopter, looking sexy! There is the sun, and Mike! Looking sexy! Yo, how excited are you for this helicopter ride? I'm excited to get the cinema so it's gonna be a good flight

Dude, it's gonna be crazy! The cinema; let's do it! Let's get on baby! Rachel, what's wrong? I just got really scared! Why? 'Cause there is no doors? There is no doors and I'm gonna be this far away from falling out! I'm terrified now, my heart is pounding! Oh my God, it is! [laughs] I'm actually scared! I was like, yeah I'm so excited about this, and then I was like, wait Nah, it's gonna be fun Alright I'm scared! What's wrong? This is scary! Why are you scared?! I will be really high in the air! With this! You are gonna lean out, too! No! I'm scared that they are not right here! I can't hear anything with these on! I know! [laughs] Alright guys, so I think it's about that time we

CUE THE CINEMA! [song plays] Alright guys, so Mike did a lot of those cinematic shots, go give him a follow, let's get him to what, you wanted to get to 30K? That would be great! The DOHNATION is strong! You guys can do it! Get him 5K, he is at 25K right now He doesn't get the recognition he deserves, he is super talented, super good editor Aw, Mark! Dude, bring it in bro! It's been an honor! I'm gone after first day

You are gone? You are leaving after this? I'm gone! [cries] Hangar 21 Helicopters, thank you! It was a fun time! This is the heli we were up in, guys There is two of them! There is that plane There is that RV Guys, is super funny because it took us an hour and a half to get here, and it took us about 7 minutes to get back to where we live in Hollywood So now we have another hour and a half drive back

We're gonna head back home right now and see what the rest of the night has in store Guys, check out the moon! Looking good! Also guys, I made a mistake not wearing a sweatshirt up there, it was absolutely freezing with the wind But you know, I'll probably be sick tomorrow, it's ok [Two hours later] Ok, we just got back from the helicopter ride, we had an amazing time! I wanted to thank all you guys for your suggestions on the date Obviously we chose the helicopter ride, but I was reading comments and 'Gold Blade' said: "You should take her to your room and shut the door" [laughs] Go, go, go, go! BOO! What the f***, Logan! So what do we do now? I don't know

Yeah, I don't know Uhm Guys, I think this would be a proper time

to tell you we have bad news Rachel's moving It's true! To New York So #Marchel #Marchel is gonna be put on hold Not hold

No? She's not gonna be in the vlog I'll find a way to be in the vlog She'll be in the vlog but, not everyday

But yeah guys, so, she's moving to New York what, next week? Next week, next month, I don't really know but, soon But she's gone tomorrow, like, as you see this vlog right now, she is gone! Tomorrow, hopping on a plane, I'm outta here But yeah, we'll incorporate her in the vlogs still As much as we can I'll go to New York we'll hang out I'm sorry we had to leave you at such bad news It's uplifting though, 'cause her career is gonna take off, my career is gonna get worse, since she's not in my vlogs anymore But it's ok, you know, it's alright, it's ok, I still got the #DOHNATION So I think now it'll be the proper time to sign off

Thank you all so much for watching the entire #DOHNATION, and specially my girl: Tessa; imma put you right over Rachel's face We had an amazing time in the helicopter, I hope you guys enjoyed all of the cinematic stuff that's back to back vlogs with super cinematic sick stuff Super cinematic sick stuff! Yeah! I love that alliteration Wait, I need to grab the camera now so I can do the Make sure you guys turn on the post notifications Follow Rachel on Instagram, follow Mike on Instagram, let's get him to 30K, let's get her to a million And I will se you guys on Friday! Say it with me! DEUCES!

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