Hello everyone! Happy Valentine's Day~ Welcome to my channel ^_^ If you're single and lonely like meI hope this video will comfort you This video is sort of like a mukbang/story time about my worst valentine's date So go ahead grab your sweets and stay comfy I'm currently back in Jakarta and the vegan scene here is exploding~ I saw these beautiful cupcakes from @pupupaula's vegan food instagram account (@plantpoweredpupu) and they are made by ar-icia? aricia? (not sure how to pronounce it) They're made by @ariciavegan So they make cupcakes, banana muffins, brownies, and cakes All you have to do is order it through your phone and they'll deliver it to your doorstep How convenient! Cue the cupcake porn Brownie porn Ok let's bite into this baby Oh my gosh they're too pretty to eat Oh my gosh Wow This is f*cking amazing Oh my goodness I'm blown away Now let's take a bite of the brownie first then I'll get into my story Brownie comes with different toppings ummm I'm gonna choose hmmmmm This one first the chocolate chips Wow I never knew I could find such good vegan brownie in Jakarta This is honestly better than sex I'm having orgasm right now F*ck They're both equally good equally amazing equally orgasmic so gud I wanna cry OK years ago, way before I turned vegan I fell for this guy I met him at this social event that my dad forced me to attend He was friends with my brother I thought he was very good looking >///< He's Chinese Indonesian btw just like me~ I got even more interested in him when my brother told me he's a singer If you are an artistically talented person whether in music, acting, dancing, or drawings (photography, filmmaking, video editing

etc) I will wanna be friends with you and get to know you more (reading my notes on screen) So Let me swallow this So that day we talked for a little bit and we exchanged contact information f*ck Weeks later I posted a video of me singing a cover song on FB and he saw it he commented we should jam sometimes So yeah we met up, we jammed, and got to hang out more and more frequently He even started calling and texting me daily and before I knew it I had already fallen deeply for him ♪ Falling in love~ Falling in love~ My brother had been warning me saying he's a player and all my friends who have met him disapproved him saying he's obnoxious So I'm gonna describe him just so you guys can have a clearer picture of him I don't know how to say this without sounding mean But I think he has Napolean Syndrome (aka short man syndrome) Yeah Napoleanthe short history guy So this guy he is shorter than me I felt like to compensate for his height He would over-boast himself to the point that it may seem obnoxious to others

This guy covers his head to toes with expensive designer craps He carries an exotic animal skin man purse and he smoke cigar Let's pause there for a bit If you're watching this and you know I'm talking about you Please watch this until the end and hear me out I know it sounds like I'm roasting youbut I'm not (just speaking the truth xD) F*ck! So f*cking good But despite what everyone said I saw beyond what he put out on the surface and knew that he's just a lonely little boy that needs some love Fast-forward to Valentine's On that day I had already made plans with my friends to watch movie together But then this guy suddenly texted me last minute asking me out to watch movie together You know that feeling when your crush asks you out? I was so f*cking stoked I felt butterflies in my stomach I was jumping up and downscreaming in excitement So yeah

I chose to ditch my friends for him Devouring the first cupcake F*ck man So we met at the movie theater and he bought my ticket I felt special cuz that was the first time he ever buy me anything It was a super hero movie btw So everything was going well until dinner So he picked this Japanese restaurant called ootoya I didn't feel like eating anything so I just ordered a matcha ice cream But he ordered 2 main dishes He told me to have some of his foodwhich I thought was kind of sweet (People who share food are the best) But then He started talking about all the girls he have dated previously saying how much he missed them and I was just like

sitting there smiling and nodding while admiring his face The best part was when the bill came The total costed around $30 USD Keep in mind the ice cream I ordered was only $5 USD So when the server placed the bill in between us on the table He just leaned forward Looked at the price Unzipped his man purse Took out his designer wallet and he looked up at me asked Do you have $10? wtf Likec'mon man

It's Valentine's day Couldn't you at least be a gentleman and cover it for me You can afford a $1000 man purse but you can't pay for my $5 ice cream? Why would you make me pay $5 extra dude If you're not romantically interested in me then don't f*cking ask me out on Valentine's Day It gives girls the wrong message Even soyou're still like 5 years older than me You could still act like a big brother and pay for my ice cream My brother always pay for me and my friends whenever we're eating out cuz he's generous This is Indonesia where it is normal for guys to pay for girls Especially if he's the one that asked her our initially I don't normally expect guys to pay for my everything or do i? But on special occasion I do and I remembered this insert from this book called Why Men Love Bitches Let me read it to you "He'll let a woman who becomes his doormat pay for dinner on the first couple of dates, but he wouldn't think of it with his dreamgirl

" That's when it hits me So I was basically his doormat So that was my worst Valentine's because my crush was just using me as a companion

for his loneliness Hey guys my camera died on me so now I'm using my phone to continue the story Ever since that dayI responded to him coldly I admitI was salty I even wrote mean comment on his FB photo well I did apologize to him afterward but yeah things ended in an awkward way If you're still watching this I just wanna say I'm sorry I shouldn't have let it out on you like that

But I hope you understand where I came from I was mad cuz thing didn't go as I expected I assumed you must have some kind of feelings for me if you asked me out on Valentine's Day instead of your other female friends But I was wrong Sorry Let's end this vlog with another bite of the cupcake This one has chocolate drizzled on top of the cream f*ck so good This is so f*ckin healing f*ck yeah So that's it for my story Now I'm gonna share the rest of my cupcakes with my helpers To wish them Happy Valentine's day 🙂 Whether you are in a relationship or not I wish everyone had a wonderful time on Valentine's Day Thank you so much for watching~ If you enjoy this video please give it a thumbs up, leave a comment, and hit the subscribe button~ Also turn on the notification alert so you'll know when I upload a new video~ See you <3

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